Communism — Why Not?

September 4, 2009 at 11:27 am (By Realpc) ()

I keep hearing progressives use the word “communism,” and they obviously are not afraid of the idea. Certainly not these days, now that we “know”capitalism doesn’t work. They explain how happy everyone is in Scandanavian countries, and what a crime it is that the richest country on earth, America, does not take care of its citizens. If you tell them communism has been tried and it failed every time, they say it never was done correctly. If you tell them the Scandanavian countries are actually capitalist, they change the subject. If you tell them communism is not compatible with individual rights and freedom they won’t believe it. Or they’ll say we aren’t free anyway, in a country owned by giant corporations.

So why not give communism a chance, now that we don’t seem to have much to lose anyway? We’re being strangled by too-big-to-fail monsters, in league with a government full of crooks. How could communism be any worse than this? Aren’t we smart enough by now to create a system that is fair and efficient and logical, and compassionate?

You would think so, with all the noble prize-winning scientists and economists we have here. How hard can it really be?

What they don’t see is that creating a functioning economic system is one of those things that seems like it should be possible, but isn’t. Scientists have never created a living organism, they have never created a computer with anything like human intelligence. And for similar reasons, they will never create a functioning economic system (not to mention a functioning system that is also fair and compassionate).

Progressives have not ever been able to see the limits of science and human intelligence. If humans can build rockets and split atoms, they should becapable of anything.

I won’t try to prove my point in this short post. I’ll just say, for now, that human intelligence and science have limits. We can make progress in certain ways but not in other ways. And our progress always has unforeseen consequences. Conservatives generally know this, or at least are much more likely to know it than progressives. Progressives don’t know it, won’t believe it, and can’t see it.

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