Things too Dangerous to Say on Social Media

June 10, 2022 at 11:54 am (By Amba) (, )

I put here, on the assumption that very few people will tear themselves away from Twitter, etc., long enough to look. (Not that I have anything I can be canceled from. Obscurity confers freedom of speech.)

Woke totalitarianism:

Maybe the main thing wrong with it is that there are too many white people running it. Again!

“Wokeness” began as raised consciousness of two truths: 1) racism profoundly, multigenerationally, deliberately deprived and damaged people of color, economically and psychologically; 2) present racism persists, insidious and poorly hidden, alongside the lingering effects of past, cruder racism.

“Woke totalitarianism,” however, seems largely driven by white people wanting to get out ahead of what white people perceive as “guilt” and “blame” by bullying other white people.

Why don’t white people just stay out of it and let people “of color,” with their very diverse views and ideas, hash out among themselves what is in their best interests?


  1. Polly said,

    It is true that blacks in the US are less likely than whites to be rich, and more likely to be violent. Looking for a simple explanation, and for others to blame, anti-racists assume the cause is past and continuing systemic racism. There is no evidence for that. Maybe it’s true, maybe partly true, maybe entirely false. Some black social scientists think it’s false (Thomas Sowell, John Mcwhorter, Glenn Loury, for example).

    The George Floyd case set off intense anti-racism, from riots to the profitable business of teaching whites to feel guilty. A white cop killed a black suspect — this was seen as obvious proof of systemic racism. But no evidence has been found that Chauvin was motivated by racism. We don’t even know if the killing was intentional or accidental. One video shows Floyd helpless, held down by Chauvin’s knee, crying that he couldn’t breath. Another video shows Floyd drugged and delirious, refusing to cooperate with police. And crying that he couldn’t breath, before any cop had touched him.

    I see very little science or logic in the current anti-racism movement. It’s all crazed emotions. It’s more likely to intensify tension and resentment between the races than to improve anything.

  2. Polly said,

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