I don’t have the heart

January 14, 2020 at 11:17 am (By Amba) ()

to write a post this morning, so, here are last night’s/this morning’s tweeties and emails.

And in response to a friend who said the Democrats have now effectively destroyed each other, leaving only old white men standing and women and unwhite people less psyched to go to the polls:

I’m sure the Dems had all manner of behind-the-scenes help destroying each other. Not that they needed it. But the general run of people, even as they may be (misplacedly) paranoid, are sincere, naive, and almost effortlessly manipulated. No one can keep their eye on the ball in a hurricane of distraction, incitement, and misinformation.

I’m as duped as everyone else, by definition, but it must be obvious by now that I thought Warren, with all her flaws, was probably the best candidate, in that she was the only one “impure” enough on every dimension to almost stretch across the Great Divide. The operative words are “almost” and “was.” All kinds of powerful forces don’t want any of that to happen.


  1. Polly said,

    Warren might not have been nice to the big banks.

    But I don’t care at all if the candidate is an old white man (some of my best friends are old white men). I just don’t want either of THOSE old white men as president.

  2. Tom Strong said,

    Classic ratfuck. I would guess (as you seemingly have) that someone in the Biden or Bloomberg camps learned of the conversation and leaked it to make both pro-worker candidates look bad. And looks likely to have worked.

  3. Tom Strong said,

    I do wish their supporters would remember, for instance, that Trump basically called Ben Carson a child molester on the campaign trail, and Carson is now one of the longest-standing members of his cabinet.

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