In the Trumpire,

January 13, 2020 at 1:39 pm (By Amba) ()

the condition for citizenship will be swearing a loyalty oath to Dear Leader.

That’s my fantasy after pondering the fresh Irany that the trigger for Soleimani’s assassination, approved seven months ago, was to be the first death attributable to Iran of an American . . . who turned out to be a recently naturalized Iraqi-American, Nawres Hamid.

The face of America. (Family photo)

This achieves Irany in light of Trump’s slur that four American citizens in Congress, only one of whom is even naturalized, should go back where they came from.

UPDATE: The obvious occurs to me belatedly: that ethnicity and birthplace are less of an impediment to Americanness when the bearer is dead.

Maybe another requirement will be to laugh hysterically at Dear Leader’s non-jokes. If this tweet is what passes for “hilarious” in the Trumpire, that alone will be grounds for emigration if not secession.

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  1. Melinda Bruno said,

    I’ve been threatening to live in the United States of Melindia for years now. Working on a design for a flag.

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