“I think that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the Republic.”

January 12, 2020 at 11:28 am (By Amba) ()

That’s why Rick Wilson, ruthless Republican operative, is offering his advice to the Democrats. They (and maybe you) won’t like it. But the man does have a track record of getting swing voters to swing the way he wants. And he does openly call Trump “a liar and a corrupt asshole and a scumbag.” His new book, Running Against the Devil, out January 14, is bound to be as breathtakingly entertaining, brutally frank, and pragmatic as his first.

“[Wilson] thinks Democrats are making a huge mistake in the campaign so far – by telling voters who they really are. The main candidates are veering too far left, he thinks, away from the disaffected Trump voters they will have to turn.  . . .

“You’ve got to run where the game is played and fight where the fight is, which is these 15 electoral college swing states, and those states are not as woke and liberal as other parts of the country. . . .”

Asked which Democrat is best suited for the fight, Wilson admits to being impressed by Warren’s willingness to work hard and how she champions the little guy. But he still goes for Joe Biden.

“I think it will be Biden because name ID is very powerful,” he says of the former senator and vice-president. “He is the one candidate who has shown the most ability to contrast with Trump in terms of a broader, bigger picture that isn’t just locked into what’s the hot flavor of Democratic messaging this year. . . .

“[T]he way to win is sometimes to not tell people who you really are.”

And if the young stay home / write in? . . .

I wish I could ask him that question. He seems to think the rest of the blue states are safe even without a huge youth turnout.

What do you think?

ADDED: An excerpt from Rick Wilson’s Running Against the Devil:

A second term guarantees the rise of the Imperial Trumps, a family cult built on the remains of the moldering corpse of the GOP, featuring all the warmth of North Korea’s Kim dynasty and a kind of Hapsburg-jawed je ne sais dumbfuck rien. . . .

The Trump family—including the creepy automaton Jared Kushner—will continue to view the American government not as a sacred trust but as an ATM for their crapulous enterprises and nation-state-level grifting. 

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