“Democratic intra-party cannibalistic stupidity of gnawing their own limbs off”

January 11, 2020 at 9:09 am (By Amba) ()

This writer who has always defended Joe Biden got fed up and dared to say that Biden lies—makes up stories that make him look good—that “I just don’t think he is at full mental acuity or capacity anymore,” and therefore that Biden is “not . . . the best choice.” She got savagely trolled on Daily Kos, of all places. She has a personal beef, but she’s right about Biden, and right about the Democrats.

These self-identified progressives at Daily Kos et al. are the social media equivalent of the same infantilizing intellectual “safe spaces” that many colleges are promoting. . . . These coddled middle-class suburban white kids often go from their parents’ home, where they’ve been kept from all manner of perceived “danger” and accountability — babysat by the most dangerous predator of all, their iPhones . . . to a college where they are insulated from the ideological meanies who dare to have a different opinion. Finally, to their own little apartment where they tell themselves that the bubble of “progressive” pals and pundits they chat with in the dark amount to actual human contact. They then think, without any introspection at all, that the terror they feel every time they are confronted with the “other” is the appropriate way to feel, that their childish reactions are the way one is supposed to deal with actual flesh-and-blood human beings.

There’s a reason the right was able to get political traction around the “snowflake” trope when referring to the left, and this is it. Regardless of your place on the political spectrum, this fragility of voters’ constitutions is individually and socially destructive. A healthy democracy is not timid. It’s not biased and ideologically pure. It’s not terrified of differing opinions or perspectives. It is not cruel. But unrealized people are.

UPDATE: Here the same writer, Gayle Leslie, documents some contradictions in Bernie Sanders’s political biography—in the 1990s he was tough on crime (voting for mandatory minimums) and easy on guns (voting against the Brady Bill). By saying that these old white guys aren’t the best bet, is she just indulging in the mutual assured destruction the headline decries? She seems soft on Hillary and hard on Russian interference, so if those things set you off you may dismiss what she’s dug up on Bernie. I’m not so sure you should.

If defeating Donald Trump is the only thing that matters, should Democrats refrain from legitimate criticism of flawed frontrunners?

What if they are too flawed to defeat Donald Trump?

UPDATE 2: Biden holds a wide lead among African Americans. He is “far and away their favored candidate.” Bernie is second—and leading among people under 35, just as with younger white voters. The same divide between cautious, change-weary elders and revolutionary, more change! youth. And only old white men to represent both points of view.

UPDATE 3: Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart learned from his Aunt Gloria that blacks have a pragmatic, not exactly cynical, but at once fatalistic and strategic reason for preferring Biden: “‘The way the system is set up now, there is so much racism that it’s going to have to be an old white person to go after an old white person,’ Aunt Gloria said. ‘Old-school against old-school.’”


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