Republicans think Trump is a better president than . . .

January 6, 2020 at 9:29 pm (By Amba) ()

Guess who(m).

(I’ve got a few posts lined up on the “drafts” runway ’cause I needed to give you guys a break. But this is too astonishing to wait.)

“An Economist/YouGov survey from November showed more Republicans believe that Trump is a better president than was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln, who won the Civil War and emancipated the enslaved. Lincoln, the first Republican president. Lincoln, who delivered the Gettysburg Address before Twitter came along and perfected the art of presidential communication.

“’This should tell you everything you need to know,’ Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee and a prominent Trump critic, told me. ‘When national polling shows that these folks think that Donald Trump was a better president than Abraham Lincoln, you know this is fucked up.’” ~ Peter Nicholas in The Atlantic

Pushback with paws: Find out why Lincoln was the GREATEST president on my catblog, Purr View.


  1. Cat Dean said,

    Thank GOD Republicans aren’t the majority in America or even close. (Nor are Democrats).

  2. Polly said,

    It seems strange, but consider that most people don’t care about history. Whatever they know about Lincoln is vaguely remembered from a high school history class where they weren’t paying attention.

    By contrast, Trump is in the news and tweeting all the time, getting their attention. And as the article describes, he is funny and entertaining and very good at being the center of attention.

    So I don’t think the poll means as much as it seems to. What his supporters love most about Trump, aside from the entertainment, is the fact that Democrats hate him.

  3. amba12 said,

    I get that, but it doesn’t seem like quite enough to elevate him to the greatest president of all time. But I guess people are just being emotional and myopic (shortsighted, here-and-now). They’re reacting like sports fans and TV comedy audiences, which is what the public has (willingly) been trained to be over the last 30 years, grooming us to be both docile and excitable, manipulable, like the bull with an electrode in his brain who would charge when Jose Delgado pressed a button. Caring at least a little bit about history and civics can protect one from being a dupe . . . of Republicans or Democrats or con men of any stripe.

  4. Polly said,

    Yes, politics is now a team sport. No deep thinking allowed.

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