Welcome, intrepid Facebook friends.

December 28, 2019 at 11:08 pm (By Amba) (, , )


I have low expectations that anyone will show up, and no idea, at this point, how enticing I’ll make it.

But, less often and with a higher bar than on Facebook—because more effort is involved than just hitting “share”—I’ll still post links and photos, write thoughts and commentary, share music and other videos, anything that clears that higher bar. I may find stuff you in turn would like to share further. And if you send me something irresistible (most of you know how to reach me), I may post or link to it. It’s “slo-mo, remote Facebook.” It’s how we lived before there was Facebook.

(Just in case anyone shows up, I’ll try to shape up and write as clearly as I sometimes managed to do on Facebook. I don’t always bother when I’m just talking to myself.)

I have several neglected blogs—Purr View, for cat stuff; Cloven Not Crested, about women; A Cold Eye, a dark-themed scienceblog; The Compulsive Copyeditor for word nerds—but YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THIS. This main blog, Ambiance, will be the bulletin board (as well as the place for anything personal, political, musical, or hysterical), and I’ll post notifications and links on this blog if and when I post on any of the others.

I’m told there is a “Follow” box to check in the lower right corner of this blog’s homepage, and by checking that you can receive an email when I post something. (I think the email actually contains the whole post, so you won’t even have to navigate.) I’ll also see if I can put an obvious “Follow” widget in the sidebar for proper internet redundancy.

If you “follow” the blog you will also be able to comment. (If you ever wanted to write your own post[s], or just copy a FB post you like over here, that too could be arranged. Ambiance started out as a group blog.)

Or, you can just come over here now and then and see what’s new.

All this is whistling in the dark, but it will be my place to vent and to share any irresistible links, images, ideas, or laughs I come across. That was the good part of Facebook . . . that and “seeing” you guys.

BONUS: Whether you come here or not, go to Time Goes By and look at posts called “Interesting Stuff.” Ronni Bennett finds better links than most Facebookers. I’ll be sharing her finds and so can you. Here are two:


  1. Ronni Bennett said,

    Thanks for the shout out, Amba. Nice, also, to have you back in the blog world.

  2. amba12 said,

    Thank you, Ronni!

  3. Caroline M said,


  4. Gillian said,

    I’m following. Perhaps it will be my inspiration to terminate the Zuck Machine.

  5. kngfish said,

    Think you can slink off so easily? How little you know us…. :)

  6. amba12 said,


  7. Ingrid said,

    Bumbling around here, not sure if my first comment posted. But making the leap with you!

  8. amba12 said,

    I’m so happy to see you!! 🤗 Happy New Year!

  9. Tom Strong said,

    Present! And happy new year!

  10. amba12 said,

    Your presence is a present! The same to you and Meenoo.

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