Return of the KngFish

May 6, 2016 at 2:47 pm (By Ron)


The Walnut Room was the upstairs room of Drake’s a long-gone, long time Ann Arbor institution.  I got a chance to buy this and another sign from the place when they closed.

This post is long overdue. My housing crisis is over, and I now have a place to live. Now the point of my writing this is not to talk about how I did this and that to acquire this place. Rather, what I want to talk about here is you. All of you. You are who I have in the world. I am not a man of wealth, or family. What family I did have gave up on me years – decades – ago. My remaining living sister did not bother to tell me my other sister died 5 years ago. Is there a term stronger than estrangement? I need that term.

But why am I writing now? It’s simple….I’m grateful. That’s more than just a thank you; it’s not a single moment, but a feeling that carries forward into the future. What do I have to give you in gratitude? The best I can for each of you, and the best I can be for myself . I’ve failed at this in the past, primarily because I didn’t know I really valued in myself.

I have such a long list of people to thank, but no Oscar speeches, and no Hallmark card prose either.

I spent a lot of time thinking how to do this thanking, but I’ll break it to two parts: feeling and doing. Obviously, I’m a bit overwhelmed with feeling these days; relief, joy, surreality. If I could walk up and hug each and every one of you I would, with delight. But I simply can’t do that! Rats!

But the best way isn’t with feeling, it’s with doing. Fortunately, I have a lot to do! Health, wealth…a real home. That would have a lot of meaning to me. Ideally, I would love to have a large enough home to throw a large enough party to invite you all to!

For my friends who live in a different locale than I, what I want most is a visit where I see you in your own setting!

Those of you who know me for some time…I have a novel to deliver and I promise that will get finished.

I will be going back to the Y and working out every day. A car will be needed!

For now….let me just thank you all again for everything from emotional, to financial, to spiritual support.


In front of the new fireplace and my Maxfield Parrish print of “Enchantment”


  1. brunobaby said,

    Congrats on your new home!

  2. lemang01 said,

    Look foward to reading your novel. And congratulations on finding a new place. I will be doing that myself very soon. I admit I’m a little nervous. Thank goodnees I have my brother and my father helping me.

  3. Victoria said,

    Living well is the best revenge.

    For those of us who have undergone trials of rootlessness we didn’t know life had in store for us, this epistle has more meaning than to others — because it’s not just about living WELL: it is just about LIVING. Living decently. Living comfortably. Living with a sense of self-respect. These are all lost when one becomes unmoored to one’s old surroundings, and never moreso, than when faced with real homelessness.

    There are few real triumphs in life, no matter what we tell each other. But yanking yourself off the streets, or from the largesse of others, is truly one of them. It is a literally priceless thing to become safe again.

    What you have done, Ron, through hustle and prayers, has no name. I’m incredibly happy for you, and in fact, I would also need to coin a term for what I feel for you at this moment, since the present words are not enough.

    God be praised. May He always be praised, for His mercy is great.

    As ever, your pal,

  4. amba12 said,

    Magnificently said, Vic.

  5. Victoria said,

    Happy Mother’s Day, darling Ron and Annie! For all here present, and those up in heaven.

  6. Pete said,

    Great news, Brother Ron. I’m very happy for you.

  7. Sissy Willis said,

    How cool is that? Love your taste in artists. Saw the original “Spirit of the Night” from GE Edison Mazda calendar for 1919 in exhibition at American Precision museum in Windsor, Vermont way back in 1995!

  8. Louise M said,

    A place to live,
    A fireplace in a place to live,
    A picture to hang above a fireplace in a place to live,
    An ability to stand next to a picture hanging above a fireplace in a place to live,
    A willingness to share joy and express hope and gratitude, while revealing an ability to stand next to a picture hanging above a fireplace in a place to live,
    A place to portray the willingness to share joy and express hope and gratitude, while revealing an ability to stand next to a picture hanging above a fireplace in a place to live.

    While any one of these is good, all of them together are very good.

    Although I can think of no term worse than estrangement, I know the opposite and antidote to be connection.

    Connection matters, regardless of where and how the spark takes place, whether it be the result of a face to face interaction, a heart to heart, or a shared thought via a computer that clicks and affirms life beyond 1’s and 0’s, providing a place along with the opportunity to partially know and be known,

    The feeling of seeing and hearing you’ve made it through to this point and place is one of joy, similar to what I felt upon seeing my old crab trees finally burst into bloom this week after a long in coming spring!

    May you continue to have the strength and wherewithal to be and move forward.

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