A Bunny For LouiseM

March 7, 2016 at 11:40 pm (By Ron)

Here you go Louise…..this is Daffodil, one of the rabbits whose house is where I am staying at the moment.


Asleep as usual….


  1. LouiseM said,

    That made me laugh! Thank you! Daffodil is a great name for a large somnolent rabbit. (In looking up somnolent to be sure it was fitting, I came on torpid, but that was too severe). Nothing torpid about the season. Green shoots are showin p in my neck of the woods (W. Mich) but further south in Columbus, OH today, I saw yellow and white daffodils in blossom today. Spring is definitely on the way.

    We had a rabbit for a while, when the boys were young, but a newly acquired dog surprised it to death. I’d given the bunny a bath and left it in the bathroom on the tile floor so it could dry while I cleaned the cage. And when the dog poked the door open and gently nudged the scared rabbit with his nose and it keeled over. No broken neck, no shaken prey syndrome, just a dead rabbit. Kind of a shock for everyone, including the dog who appeared puzzled. After that, no more rabbits. One was enough.

  2. LouiseM said,

    Happy Easter, Ron. My first daffodils opened today! Here’s hoping something good comes your way as you continue the work of making it this far and taking whatever steps are needed to continue to survive and move forward.

    I’ve capitulated with regard to the deer that keep eating our shrubs and have put out deer blocks in the hopes that will lessen the munching of new growth. Maybe that’s giving in, but right now I’m preferring to regard this move as the better part of wisdom. Now, I need to see if the outcome benefits both parties.

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