Whew! Again…

October 26, 2015 at 9:52 pm (By Ron)

Many things go forward, but more go backward.  I persevere.

My back has been killin’ me lately…I couldn’t sleep last night on it, but I was so tired I wound up sleeping during the day.  Ugh.  But the writing continues apace.  I’m in the zone….I know this because my mind is going full bore and twenty different things at once.  I snag some of these things out of the air and wring them into the prose.  I catch myself singing a lot while I write….not even being aware for some time that I’m doing so.  I’ll get up and pace around when I’m stuck….and I can’t even describe how my brain has gone into another gear.  It’s thoughts, feelings, sights and sounds all swirling around the Great Red Spot of my overheated noggin.  Sometimes it feels amazing….but sometimes it’s a damn nightmare!  I woke up three nights ago because two of my characters “beat me up” in a dream and threw my body out onto a busy roadway to get run over.  But it’s all grist as they say.

Thanks for listening to my goofy ramblings.




  1. mockturtle said,

    I suspect you are off your meds again. ;-)

  2. LouiseM said,

    Without goofy ramblings, what would this place be?

    From A Beautiful Question by Frank Wilczek, more skull and space talk:

    One World, and Many

    -Individual brains are the ultimate repositories of human thought, and they fit comfortably within individual skulls, within individual bodies, here on planet Earth. Most people, most of the time–when they are not philosophizing, or doing astronomy–are concerned with events that occur in a small region around the surface of the Earth. It is where human history–great wars, great art, and billions of absorbing “ordinary” lives–plays out.

    -Viewed from even the near afar, Earth is merely a tiny speck of reflected light.

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