Thanks Yogi!

October 10, 2015 at 11:12 am (By Ron)


In case you missed it…Yogi Berra passed away recently at 90.   10 Rings, 3 MVPs…. The catcher in the winningist period for the winningist franchise in baseball history.  5 straight World Series titles!  (1949-1953)

And I didn’t even mention the humor of the man….     Thanks for everything Yogi!


  1. mockturtle said,

    Whether we are Yankees fans or not, we all hold dear the inimitable Yogi Berra and his legendary malapropisms which, perhaps sadly, have often outshone his remarkable career as manager. Thank you for the tribute.

  2. LouiseM said,

    Attended a seminar on “Significance” yesterday, at which the following statement on impact, made by Jackie Robinson, was mentioned; “A life is not important except on the impact it has on has other lives.”

    That’s a pile of rings signifying impact of one kind or another, with the wiki testifying to 65 years of marriage with a wife who died last year, along with some great quotes of his own.

    A favorite from the list of Yogi-isms:

    “You can observe a lot by watching.” Which is true!

    Also, as a general comment on life: “90 percent of it is half mental.”, which also seems true, at least half the time.

    And this is how one life, impacts another. I wouldn’t have looked him up had it not been for this post, and wouldn’t have had the fun of reading about another’s life, and saying yes to two yogisms.

    As for words in a tribute, mockturtle, to be acknowledged by another as inimitable, legendary and remarkable, is up there with two hands full of rings.

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