Let’s put a picture on it

September 24, 2015 at 9:39 pm (By Ron)

Ok, I thought I’d put up a picture from James Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food to put an image on our Meatloaf Memories:

meatcoverLet’s look it over, shall we?

The meatloaf itself looks like we could count the rings and figure out when it was made.  If that is not accurate enough, we can probably do some carbon-14 dating on that crust. All that work on those radishes!  And no one will eat them…

I don’t know what that gold pot on the right is….rolls, maybe?  Ice?  But I am loving those salt and pepper shakers…very Space Age!  They clearly need theme music!

The glow of those chicken wings indicates the sorrow of having chicken during the era of above ground testing of nuclear weapons.  At least when you eat them you’ll irradiate any potential cancers you might get….

Those weirdo lumpy things with the lemon wedges between them?   Disturbing what lobster looked like a mere 40 years ago…

Let’s end on that lovely gravy boat….mmmm….gravy!


  1. Donna B said,

    I think that’s a prime rib, very poorly photographed. Or cooked in an oven with very very uneven heat and then poorly photographed.

  2. kngfish said,

    That’s a prime rib? Could’ve fooled me! Yow! That is bad photography!

  3. Donna B said,

    You do have to look closely! But you’ll finally notice the visible grain and separate sections of the cut. I’d also like to know what that gold pot is for. The proximity to the lobster makes me think it might contain clarified butter. “If” that’s prime rib, the usual accompaniment would be au jus, not gravy. But from the looks of that one, gravy might help. Slightly…

    And thanks for the link to “Telstar”. I hadn’t thought about or heard it in ages so it brought back many nice memories.

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