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November 19, 2014 at 9:28 pm (Icepick) ()

Anyone that cares to can look at my latest post on the current labor situation in the USA over at my own site. It’s actually worse than I supposed. Not as link filled as usual, as originally it was just a string of comments.

Otherwise, how’s everyone doing? I hope you and yours and your cows are all enduring the arctic blast, Karen, and hope this finds all of the rest of you well, too.

Not much happening here, though I may finally get something tested soon. (Woo AND hoo.) We’ll see.

And a friend and his wife had a surprise adoption of a new baby over the weekend! I’ll write up more about that later, when I confirm I can share the story more widely, but I’m quite thrilled for them.


  1. karen said,

    Phew- i was wondering who would break the long stretch between posts!!
    We are all fine up here in the North. Lots of grey days make me tired, but even though i go to bed exhausted ans saying- what a freaking looonnnnggg day- time is passing so quickly! Why is that??

    Pro’ly cause i’m getting old:0)

    We are spending so much time in the barn- chores are tedious, but the new babies make it worthwhile. For me, anyway. Karma just had Koolaid… which looks like Koo-laid(oh well, the girls named her) and we had a little beefer that we named Reba- out of Royal. She’s half Hereford, so she is a dark red w/a white face. Her eyes are So large and bug out of her head at such a drastic ~pop~, that the 1st time she drank out of the pail(vs bottle)my husband pulled it away quickly- he thought she was choking!

    It’s a good thing for those new babies, eh? Otherwise, we’d be in a ~Groundhog Day~ loop of feed, milk, scoop poop.

  2. Icepick said,

    Glad to hear you’re doing well and have new calves.

    I’m curious, why was Reba using a bottle? Is that something specific to the line of work?

  3. karen said,

    we usually start the newbies off on the bottle and after a couple of days move on to a pail- depending on how they take to it. Instinct for newborns is to nurse naturally- they often suck e/other after they drink b/c the need to do so is- not satisfied enough, especially when they are ~on the pail~.

    These bottles are pretty large. 2quarts, i think. Big nipples- i nurse kittens sometimes(i have in the past)- that bottle is miniscule:0) Of course, we also got rid of our oldest cow. Glamorous was walking down the alley to the doorway and tripped and slipped and- ripped a teat. She would have been 11yrs old in December. It’s ok. After all these yrs of farming- i almost can deal w/the leavings. I just don’t look forward to them:0( The beginnings make it… balanced.

  4. Icepick said,

    Why not just let them suckle their mothers?

  5. wj said,

    We’ve been chatting with our company intern (she’s in Brooklyn). We’ve been complaining about how, here in California, it is getting really cold — lows in the 50s or even the 40s!

    Somehow, she is less than sympathetic to our having to endure the harsh weather. Is everyone east of the Rockies so lacking in empathy that they can’t feel our pain?

  6. Icepick said,

    I feel your pain, and that sounds positively awful. We’ve had similar weather, and on one shocking night it even hit 37!

    What do we want?
    When do we want it?

  7. karen said,

    I guess i never posted my comment.
    I’ll try to remember…

    We usually take the babies away from dams so the mature Mom can focus on making milk. For us. Little miss Koolaid is hanging w/her Mom for now- it’s a healthy place for her and she can mimic Karma and learn how to eat better, earlier and just feel loved. Maybe i’m too into the emotional, human perspective, but how these beasts feel and are made to feel really affects their health. i remember a heifer calving in- such a difficult birth and it was this time of yr and she was young, thinner than she should have been and just felt like shit. And looked like shit. So i took the time to clip her completely- got rid of her long coat and brushed her and petted her. It picked up her spirits, she ate better- healed fro her traumatic birthing and she was one of our largest cows later on. It was nice to be able to try to make her feel better so she could do better. I don’t know if many farmers are that ~feeling~- and maybe i’m the one full of shit and it made me feel better which made me think it affected her(hah). Either way, i liked the choice i made in taking the time to give her something positive.

    I’m sorry if i got the effects and affects confused. I feel like i got them backward.

    Totally different comment than last time, too! I could never write rough copies of essays because i would never stay to the words written in the rough draft! It’s comes out the way it does- only once. Ask me again and i’ll tangent to the left!

  8. karen said,

    Oh- there was a ps to wj:0)

    … since you live in such a blessed place- i don’t feel the pain of 37degrees F. I do feel sorry for the crops and the fruit trees, though. The vulnerability of low hanging fruit to loss due to freezing is- painful. Hah- 37F in FL, not CA. CA is 40s!! We just had 9F plus a windchill- so- sorry guys. My sympathy for fruits and animals- only. At least, in this case:0) Well- &the homeless.

  9. karen said,

    … not to sound callous on the last bit as an afterthought, either.
    I was just thinking of the two of you, in particular.

    Never mind me- i’m having Thanksgiving at our place and i am the least equipped to do so out of my family- w/the least to offer. Guess they need a laugh:0) My words are stunted in depth…

  10. karen said,

    One last thing= after surfing the weirdest wave…
    Convoluted thoughts.
    I went to Deacon’s Bench(good Catholic that
    i try to be) &watched a Penguin UK video-
    his name is Marty.
    Stephen Colbert dancing to A Hymn &
    then- ~click~ a Catholic Throwdown
    w/someone i had never seen who is of
    the given name John, but goes by
    Jack White and what a(n)hilarious
    great time these two had- somewhat
    blasphemously, it must be said- then to
    google this Jack fella- who is the lead singer/
    creator of White Stripes. So- Dead Leaves and
    Dirty Ground, is it? I believe- in the Holy
    Ghost:0) *Amen

  11. wj said,

    Karen, there definitely is a downside: we live in a desert.

    Which is made worse by the people who move here from places where it rains a lot. They think there is no reason why they shouldn’t still have lawns all around which are green all year — but grass here naturally turns yellow (golden!) by early May and stays like that until October at least. So they demand water systems supply them with water, from hundreds of miles away, which will let them make up for the lack of rain.

    And the fact that the climate is changing is making it drier.

    There’s only one hope. If we can get another couple of big earthquakes, it may motivate some of these folks to move elsewhere. Because we are well above the population that can be sustained here.

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