Halloween upcoming!

October 18, 2014 at 10:04 am (By Ron)

So…what are folks doing for Halloween?  Anything special?  Parents taking out kids?  If so….dressed as what?


I have several Halloween avatars …





Which do you like?


  1. Lem said,

    The Invisible man costume, hands down. I mean, globes down.

  2. Icepick said,

    The Invisible Man is the way to go.

  3. amba12 said,

    Invisible Man. (I like the vampire one because we can see you, but Invisible Man beats it on every other score.)

  4. mockturtle said,

    Yeah, but how will he drink that martini?

  5. kngfish said,

    The vox Ambi have spoken….so I’ve changed it! :)

  6. kngfish said,

    oops…on Twitter that is!

  7. karen said,

    Hi! Sorry, but i don’t see an Invisible Man. heh.
    If you mean the picture of you wrapped up- then, yep.
    I’ve always liked that one.
    You do need an invisible straw, though:0)

    We’re supposed to have a party at the neighbors for Halloween. I don’t really want to go(i never want to go anywhere). I think that we will go as Farmer &his Ca$h Cow- i’ll dress in black &white &carry a large pink bag w/4 spigots and a $sign on it:0).

    No free milk, though.
    Wanna here a happening today? O/T (of course)…
    Our biggest cow, Jacklyn(she must weigh a ton)was trying to calve, w/no progress. We “treated” her(calcium in the artery in the neck)&my husband “went in her”- i don’t think you really want to know where-& couldn’t feel the calf, which is not normal. So, we had to call the Vet and he said she had a “twisted uterus”- which we kinda figured. He couldn’t undo it manually- he had nothing to latch onto.

    Untwisting manually was Plan A.
    Plan B = Planking her. Funny- i just now connected it to the planking craze, but this is a lot more… fun? Nothing is fun w/a ton of cow on the end of a halter rope. Good thing she was cumbersome w/calf!

    So, we had to wind a rope around the body of this cow- in a specific way- so that when it is pulled and tightened, it squeezes her and she falls to the ground. She has to be rolled in the opposite direction of the twist- not a pretty sight and i was thankful she was so docile- and this must be done w/a board- a plank- ramped up her belly so that the Vet kneel on it& could hold the calf as we twist the cow over, hopefully untwisting the uterus in the pprocess. I’m also thankful no one called PEand the TA on us w/out understanding this was a saving endeavor!

    It was a great success. My husband helped her calve about 1/2hr later. She had…. twin heifers! The strangest thing. We had bred her twice- 12 hrs apart- once to Holstein semen and then to Jersey semen. One baby is a Holstein and the other is a Jersey:0) They are both very wobbly, but we expect both to survive and the cow is doing fine and she “cleaned”! That means she processed the placenta out of her uterus successfully. A Godsend, b/c- a retained placenta is hell. For many reasons- especially the SMELL.

    My youngest just asked if anyone really cared about this, but i couldn’t resist… to share.

    I miss all of you.

  8. brunobaby said,

    Karen, I found it interesting! It’s something I’d never see any other way.

  9. Icepick said,

    I always look forward to the cow posts, at least the ones with the happy endings.

  10. mockturtle said,

    Did she eat the placenta? Most cows I’ve seen calf do. I think it helps the uterus contract. Or something.

  11. karen said,

    :0) Since i eat, sleep and breathe cow(except for the placenta!)- cows seem always foremost in my brain. We seem to have so many animals- for our small farm- since i never want to “get rid of” any. This makes it financially tight b/c we have a lot of mouths to feed and only the milkers give us the cash flow back- in the tank.

    We usually don’t let the cows eat their placentas, MockT, unless they are outside in the pasture. It may help the uterus contract- so does milking them and giving them their babies to lick off. An Oxytocin thing:0) The reason i don’t let them eat their “cleanings” is b/c my Dad always said they could choke on them. That’s scary.

    Yesterday, we trimmed feet. Our hoof trimmer had a new set up w/a trailer tilt table- usually we halter and lead/(push)all our cows into the chute and the table tilts up until the cow is lying flat w/her feet latched so he can rasp them off w/a circular sander- only w/knives. Their feet grow so long! Yesterday, we used a chute system and did 59 cows in 3 1/2hrs when it has always taken 5hrs. And too much muscle power.

    I love my stories when they have happy endings, too!

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