How hot is Florida in July?

July 27, 2014 at 8:30 pm (Icepick) (, , , )

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Hot enough to melt people’s brains.

A friend of mine, Heather Fallon, posted this example to FaceBook:

Posted Friday, 7/25

A few days ago, 9 year old Jake and our 14 year old neighbor, ventured out (with full parental permissions) on their bikes, wearing helmets, with cell phones, cash, and water bottles, for a 3 mile bike ride (sidewalk the WHOLE route) to the comic book store. Just as they got to their destination, two deputy sheriffs AND a state trooper pulled up in front of them. Someone called 911 and said “it’s way too hot for two young boys to be riding bikes.” The caller described the youngest boy as being “FIVE”. His neighborhood friend who has been our neighbor for 14 years (ALL OF JAKE’S LIFE), when asked by the Po-Po, said Jake was “I dunno. Like 5 or 6 maybe.” Parents were called and went and retrieved the boys. I wasn’t there but I think Billy asked the cops something like, “WTF? Y’all got nuthin’ better to do? THREE cop cars had to respond? They had helmets. They biked together. They had a phone and made a call home at their halfway mark. We finally get them out of the video game CAVE and What did they do WRONG?” They answered a complaint from someone alleging two boys were in danger. From heat. Outside. In Florida. In July. And then just as the words “heat exhaustion” were mentioned, Jake hurled red Gatorade.

Yep. Reminds me of the police showing up in force at my house late last year because someone called the cops on me for having abducted a child. The child was my daughter, and apparently someone heard me tell her, “Catherine, I won’t leave you behind. I will never leave you behind,” and took that to mean I was kidnapping her. (What I was actually doing was reassuring my very cranky child that I wasn’t, you know, going to leave her behind someplace.)

All of which gets me to a conversation at our household this morning:

Wife: It’s National Parents Day!
Me: Huh.
Wife: I think this means we can run away!
Daughter: _I_ don’t want to run away!
Wife: You weren’t invited!

I’m pretty sure that could get us arrested.


  1. wj said,

    The differences between children in America today and in America half a century ago:

    – nobody thought anything of it that we road out bikes 5 miles into town (alone at least as often as together). Whether to school, or to spend the day in the high school pool (in summer – temperatures in the 90s and up…albeit with lower humidity than Florida ever sees). No cell phones, no calls home to check in on arrival.
    – we had kids who had trouble sitting still in class. And when they got fidgety, the teacher would tell them: “Go run across the school yard and back.” They would do so, and then be able to come back, sit quietly, and pay attention.

    – we see nonsense like you report. While the objective fact is that kids today are substantially safer than they were then.
    – a kid who fidgets in class is perscribed drugs to address his “ADHD”

    What has changed?
    – The level of panic and paranoia, driven by the ability of the media to report disasters anywhere in the country combined with the enthusiasm for doing so.
    – An apparently absolute belief that children should act like smaller adults, instead of like kids. And be medicated if they won’t.

  2. karen said,

    My Mom always said that, wj.

    Not necessarily about the kids in school(although i was a super hyper-active child &once i told her it was a good thing they never had Ritalin when i was 7-11 and she informed me they had drugs for that, but she would never use them(phew!!)); more so, the reporting of tragic events and behavior.

    She claims that the improvement w/in communication/reporting is so much stronger- wider spread &w/in any area- that has given us the world to see. That-and- as you say, “the enthusiasm for doing so.”

    Well, that- and interjecting their personal politics w/in the framework of their work. IMhumbleO- of course:0).

  3. karen said,

  4. Ol' Grumpy said,

    Ben Carson is anti-2nd amendment Have we learned nothing from voting for a candidate based on skin color? He has never been elected to any office and is a terrible choice for president.

    I would vote for anyone running against him. Anyone.

  5. karen said,

    I’m sure you would- Grumpy.
    It isn’t the color of one’s skin- it’s the content of their character.
    Ben Carson is a man of great character.
    Unless some weird, crappy shit floats to the surface concerning his character- or he flips on his views, he has me.
    “I truly believe in Second Amendment rights,” Carson said. “I would never advocate anything to interfere with Second Amendment rights; however, I do think we have to be intelligent.”

    He said his point in saying that was to address situations–like in Detroit–where people with AK-47s are mowing people down.

    “We need to engage in a discussion about, ‘Is there something we can do?'” Carson said before saying that “we have to keep in mind that law-abiding American citizens absolutely should have gun rights.”,d.b2U&cad=rja

  6. karen said,

    Andi is still have trouble w/the stinkys- why is one so long there when it’s compact in the comment above?

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