Hey say, Kats and Kittens!

July 12, 2014 at 2:21 pm (By Ron)

There is no particular reason for this post….I just feel the blog should not be left alone for so long!
I’m in a writing mood, and I was wondering…

How is everyone doing? 1-10 scale, 10 being high, how’s your life overall at the moment?

Is there something right now that makes you super happy? or sad?

What’s the best meal you’ve had lately? Did you make it or did you go out?

If you could meet any person from the Classical Age of Greece, who would it be?

If you could meet anyone currently alive who would it be?

Favorite animal?

It’s summer! Make these!

The 1965 Rolling Stones with Patti Boyd (then Mrs. George Harrison, later Mrs. Eric Clapton)

The Official AmbienceMobile! A stretch DeLorean.

Zingerman’s corned beef hash…with toast!

Pick a song…any song….make a point of singing that song out loud today! Just because! And NOT in the shower! Ron feels just doing so will make you feel better here in the Height of Summer.


  1. mockturtle said,

    How is everyone doing? 1-10 scale, 10 being high, how’s your life overall at the moment? 10

    Is there something right now that makes you super happy? or sad? Yes/no.

    What’s the best meal you’ve had lately? Chicken/artichoke/bacon & garlic sauce pizza.Did you make it or did you go out? Take out.

    If you could meet any person from the Classical Age of Greece, who would it be? Aristophanes

    If you could meet anyone currently alive who would it be? I dunno. Maybe Derek Jeter?

    Favorite animal? Tree frog.

  2. Icepick said,

    How is everyone doing? 1-10 scale, 10 being high, how’s your life overall at the moment?

    A five or a six.

    Is there something right now that makes you super happy? or sad?

    Not quite super happy, but my nasty neighbor’s house goes up for electronic auction on August 5th. That should be the end of them. Somehow he’s managed to stay out of prison despite pleading no contest to two separate violent felonies – this with several violent felonies on his record already. That makes me sad.

    My lousy health makes me miserable, but it is too gross to discuss in polite company.

    My daughter has started properly reading in the last few days. That should make me happy but somehow it doesn’t. It’s like when she started walking – she’d been ready to do it for some time, and so when she did it didn’t seem like a milestone, just the thing she’s doing NOW.

    What’s the best meal you’ve had lately? Did you make it or did you go out?

    Don’t know. Food is a touchy subject at the moment.

    If you could meet any person from the Classical Age of Greece, who would it be?

    Oh, God, do I have to meet one of them? They’re not going to speak American (distinct enough from English that it ought to be classified as a separate language at this point), and I don’t speak any kind of Greek.

    If you could meet anyone currently alive who would it be?

    That depends. Am I allowed to bring weapons to the encounter?

    Favorite animal?

    Momma Cat, for being the one cat I have at the moment NOT giving me grief some way or another.

  3. Icepick said,

    And I’ll skip the singing. People look at me funny when I start singing “Dancing on Your Grave” by Motorhead. (I’ll skip adding a link, as I’m fairly certain I’m the only Motorhead fan that reads this blog!)

  4. mockturtle said,

    Glad to hear you will at least be rid of the neighbors from Gehenna, Ice!

  5. kngfish said,

    C’mon Ice, belt it out! Here you go… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO3Gb5mkwTc

    U Can Do It!

    What’s not to like about Lemmy?

    Assume your Star Trek Univeral Translator….just so you can chitty-chat with Sophocles if you like!

  6. karen said,

    Motorhead – Dancing on Your Grave

    i actually like it, Ice. I had a thing for a band that now i cannot remember it’s
    name. Even w/the CD in my hands… LOL, just googled one of their songs and it TOOL. I love them, bu i never listen to them.

    My life right now is probably a 7. It varies, though. I’m so lucky that we have a great family- it’s just as screwy as others(my husband says every family looks good from the road:0))- but, i feel that all i can do is teach the Golden Rule and proper manners- and pray! Life changes in a heartbeat, though. So, i live for today and thank God for today. We haven’t had but one new baby since April(we named her Grover) and now the girls are going to start popping. New babies and fresh cows. That will help the bulk tank/i.e bottom line.

    Super happy = my son got an internship actually using his chosen career: Architecture. He’s designing a new facility for 120 cows on a farm a bit from here that makes it’s own cheese(Jasper Hill)- and they are getting two robots. I’d go back to hand milking before i ever got a robot, but to each his own. i think i’ve mentioned that each robot costs 250,000$ bwah-hah-hahahah. I can’t imagine the final cost of this baby.
    Sadness comes from sharp words between my two youngest girls(15today!! &11). What gives?! Definitely NOT either of them. Night and day. I just hope maturity will soften their hearts and tongues. Also, my folks are aging(they are early 80s). I know that everyone(i don’t mean to assume)here has had such a sad&difficult life lesson learned on letting go and- coping? i have, but- i feel that i really am a slow learner and i just don’t want to let go of the gifts of love we have been given. Lucky for me- i live for today, eh? Too much forward thinking knifes me in the back.

    i’ve had so many crappy meals(that i hardly attempt to make)- i have no imagination left for meals anymore. i bet i could live on peanut butter and crackers. My husband, OTOH- needs way more than i can give. Sigh. My Mom’s chicken pie dinner today was amazing:0)

    Classical Age of Greece?? Whaa—aat? I think i’ll pass as i have no imagination for this subject, either:0) I’d love to have met a Saint, though. Saint Kateri is my Confirmation Saint. Lily of the Mohawks. I would have loved to have been in her presence somehow.

    Currently living- i think(don’t gag) Ben Carson. I’m reading his book and i would love to talk to him b/c i think he is a genuine man of integrity. He would answer questions w/out skirting the point and i think, for a brilliant fella- he is a regular guy, as well. Besides, what a handsome man.

    Favorite animal!!!! i have 110favorite animals- they all go ~MOO~. i sMOOch them daily:0).

    phew!! Hey, you asked- haha.

  7. kngfish said,

    Robot cows? Awesome! Do they give WD-40?

    Karen, we will find you a Classical Greek Spirit Animal! Hmmm…

    Great reply, Karen!

  8. karen said,

    ice- my 22yr old daughter has something going on w/her majorly piped system that has caused her to lose quite a bit of weight(which she doesn’t seem to mind)but makes life miserable for her:0( I thought she might have picked up something in Guatemala, she and my son have been there a few times w/their Dad’s church to work at an orphanage. Those tests came back negative, s
    o i hope she continues 2search for her answer, but stress sure as hell doesn’t help. i think our glitches turn into habits w/out our knowing it(i went to a Shrink way-back-when that basically said that about my choices in men).
    Hope you feel better soon:0/


  9. karen said,

    Kngfish- i used to get great marks on all of my essay answers b/c i am so thorough.

  10. mockturtle said,

    Karen, I used to get great marks for being concise. LOL!

  11. Icepick said,

    Ron, if I’ve got the Universal Translator (or a fish) stuck in my ear, I think I’ll pass on Sophocles. I’d either want Aristophanes for entertainment, or Euclid to see what kind of man he was. And maybe talk about a certain axiom….

  12. Icepick said,

    I remember Lemmy once describing his band thusly:

    “Motorhead is the kind of band that we move into your neighborhood and your lawn dies.”

    He also told my favorite JFK conspiracy joke:

    “How do you know the CIA wasn’t involved in the JFK assassination? Well, he’s dead, isn’t he?”

  13. LouiseM said,

    I’m rolling down the middle these days, mostly a 5-6 with some bumps toward 7, and downturns that now stop at at 2-3 and slowly come back up again. Not staying lodged in the lower range is a wonderful thing. Close to hopeful.

    No more supers for me. Too intense, either way. I’m of the belief that super is an illusion in either direction. I’m saddened by chaos and experiences of deceit, denial and broken relationship. The happiness that touches on joy is present in brief moments when connection and goodness is realized. (One recently happened here, when a book Amba mentioned following her cat’s gecko attack, led me to “Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart-A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness” which contained some truths and stories I found particularly applicable at that time. I like that kind of link-where the life and thoughts of one person pass something on to another.)

    Two weeks ago, my husband and I met with his gay brother and partner for dinner. This was our first time meeting with his brother in person again since extended family relationships and brokenness led to an estrangement of fifteen years. While the food was outstanding, the part that made it the “best meal” was the laughter, stories and unexpected connection shared along with the dinner. Driving home, my husband said to me, with a note of surprise in his voice, “That was a good time!” And it was.

    Not knowing what I was choosing from with regard to Classical Greeks, I went looking and decided on Aristotle based on this page of quotes most of which I agree with, so perhaps we’d have common ground for an agreeable if not insightful discussion.

    If you could meet anyone currently alive who would it be? I’d pick from a number of people here, before I’d go looking for someone more famous. I’m certain an in-person go ’round with RealPC would prove stimulating, as would conversations with several others that come immediately to mind. Heck, following them around having my hat eaten, listening to songs, or discussing cats, in addition to hearing life stories would be enough. In the Famous Person category, I’d go with Pope Francis, even though I’m not a Catholic, as I’d like to talk with and be in the presence of someone mindfully and intentionally seeking to follow Jesus.

    Favorite animal? At present, it’s the pair of orioles that arrived this spring to sing in the sunrise and say farewell to the day with their distinctive burbling flute-like song. I love hearing them sing, and know I’ve stayed up too late when I hear their song start up in the darkness just prior to dawn. I’ve recently been working on a “life script” in preparation for a retreat I’m planning to attend in Oct, and have been finding myself lost in putting together a semi-cohesive story, writing into the night until I hear the Oriole alarm and head off to sleep before full daylight arrives. Is this outside of normal? Quite possibly yes, but it’s how I’m living for now.

    While all this may be TMI, it was fun to consider. Thanks for the set-up.

  14. karen said,

    Isn’t this where we absolutely get to do TMI??
    Always so thoughtfully eloquent, Louise.

    ps- the eater of hats(orange and any other color of the rainbow!)had a baby yesterday. A boy. Again.

  15. LouiseM said,

    When welcome and real show up together, along with encouragement, Karen, the wonderful “click” that cannot be bought happens. I appreciate your good words, and celebrate the new calf even though it will not become a milk producer. At what age will he be moooved on down the road to fulfill his destiny?

    I’m also wondering if the one who posted the questions will be providing his answers, in addition to being curious as to what prompted the Greek Question? I almost amended my response to say I’d consider an opportunity to shout “Eureka” with another if it didn’t mean running down the street sans clothing. That, along with a chance to say “Do not disturb my circles”.

  16. kngfish said,

    Ah! Thank you LouiseM for your request! So, for me, to wit:

    How is everyone doing? 1-10 scale, 10 being high, how’s your life overall at the moment?

    2 or 3…too much stress, physical grief, loneliness.

    Is there something right now that makes you super happy? or sad?
    Very, very stressed over finances.

    Writing is making me feel somewhat better.

    What’s the best meal you’ve had lately? Did you make it or did you go out?

    I had a good steak not too long ago….french onion soup, broccoli, baked potato on the side…and 2 whiskey sours!

    If you could meet any person from the Classical Age of Greece, who would it be?
    So many….either Sophocles or Homer…maybe Plato or Praxiteles.

    If you could meet anyone currently alive who would it be?
    I was going to say Norman Bourlaug but I see he’s passed…
    Sandy Bullock maybe?

    Favorite animal?
    Hmmm…I do love dogs. Maybe a Golden Retriever or a Bernese Mountain Dog.

  17. kngfish said,

    and the Greek question….I ask it because there are so many from this period that fascinate me for a number of reasons, even more than Romans. In many cases, the Classical Greek example is the first one we have in Western culture, the one that sets the benchmark. Plato really comes to mind here. It’s a different world than us, those Greeks. A source of intense interest for German writers as well.

  18. karen said,

    W/so much potential, Ron- u really need to get out there and use your God given talents to help the world. I know for a fact it will heal you, as well.

    Sure, easy for me to say(you say)- but, we all have our crosses to bear. You are so warm and funny, you could volunteer at places like nursing homes or hospitals and give that energy of knowledge back to others who could use a kind word. Then, two people will smile. One being you!!!!

    Love multiplies.
    And, yes- i am a tad naive.
    Which looks like it’s spelled totally worng(haha).

    Did you know my i have been told i look a little bit like Sandra Bullock. W/like- 40 extra pounds:0).

  19. kngfish said,

    Karen I’ve been told I look like Brando…unfortunately not the Brando of 1955, but the Brando of 1995….

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