Another post at my place to which I would like to draw your attention.

June 10, 2014 at 11:00 am (Icepick)

Here, concerning Bowe Bergdahl. I don’t like to discuss politics here, so I do it there. Here is for discussing more important issues, such as getting Rick-rolled, or the joy of having a potty trained child.

But this post is one I’d like to spread around a little more.


  1. mockturtle said,

    I think your comments are spot on, Ice. But I would expand the significance to include the possibility of Bergdahl’s being a Trojan horse. After all, he said he was leaving to ‘find the Taliban’ and his father uttered an Islamic prayer in a televised message to him. Why? Interestingly, when the trade was first made, my 89-year-old mother’s first thought was that Bergdahl had been groomed to wreak some kind of havoc here at some point.

  2. karen said,

    i just read the whole post to my Mom- and she approves:0)
    It’s funny how differently we all look at things- & alike some of us are. All i want is honesty and accountability- can people still honestly say this is the most transparent Administration ever? Healing? Have the effing tides lowered?

    A couple of yrs ago we had an additional heifer barn built- by my very 1st love(heh)&his dad. Who hates Bush(Republicans)- &everything up to that point economically(&Foreign)was all… ______’s ______. When i told him that was such a lame thing to say, he asked me if i was an effing Republican- & what did my father say about that. I asked him- “Where do you think i learned it from?”

    I ask u this…
    … Ultimately, what is the end goal of this Administration?

  3. karen said,

    Uh- nothing to ruin a rant that calling your *Father a fatger.
    Color me Blush tinged w/a tint of chagrin {:0&

  4. Icepick said,

    I can fix the “fatger” thing for you if you like. ;)

  5. karen said,

    Please do that for me, Ice.
    I usually over-reach for things- unfortunately i was in a hurry.

    When i’m almost out of megabytes or what ever they’re called, i bring the laptop to my folks b/c they have wireless. Then we all snag the opportunity when it arises- and i feel rude when i go there to have coffee w/them in the morning and then bury my nose in the beauty of life here. That’s how i shared the Squirrel Story w/my Mom in the 1st place.

    Also, O/T, but aligned w/the influence of culture- or vicey versey… i watched 2films that my son brought home w/him from college. I had never seen either one, even though they are- old. So, i am now in lovelovelove w/:
    ~August Rush~.
    Sappy, teary and most likely predictable(to anyone but me)- it builds hope inside the soul.

    Last night we watched ~Coach Carter~. All i can say is-

    If our culture followed more closely the lessons w/in these two movies about choices- we would ultimately live in a better world. Or, at least our Country would be stronger, IMHumbleO. What do we have to show for our culture now?

    Everyone talks about Gun Culture, but an interesting segment on the 2:00 show on Npr got to the heart of things in it’s very last seconds of airing. It isn’t the guns- it’s the fact that we have got to find a way to address the growing occurrences of young men(14-20something) who wish to commit suicide and do so by taking many other people w/them in a splash of Hollywood horror. That is warped.

    And who is actually admitting that this is-indeed-the fact?

  6. mockturtle said,

    It’s a big problem, for sure, Karen. A recent school shooter here decided to stop taking his meds before the shooting so he could ‘feel the hate’.

  7. karen said,

    The hate of self?

    Saw Dr Phil yesterday- we come in for breakfast at that time… &the show was about two sisters(15yrs and about 18)who were completely out of control. They drank, slept around, did drugs, were violent; and the mother is clueless… “I don’t know why they behave this way- i didn’t raise them to behave this way” etcetc(sorry if the etc’s are offensive- i guess i could go: “blahblahblah”(which is rude)). Dr Phil was livid b/c the mother had an excuse for everything and he told her there was a definition for her behaviour- it’s called neglectful.

    We provide so much in the way of $$$ that we can- materialistically.
    These girls needed boundaries, they needed accountability and to be held accountable- they needed to know they were cared about and loved. They needed moral struture- and maybe a little religion thrown in the mix. So, he offered to send them each to a program that would help them find out who they were and to teach them to love themselves. Selfishness doesn’t necessarily mean knowledge of self-worth or self-love.

    My mom always says that when we live in a society that doesn’t value life @it’s most fragile and vulnerable- that when it is only valued if wanted& can be terminated w/in the most sacred&safest of secret places: the womb- that this taints the entire “culture” w/the same doubt of value. That if any life is considered “throw away”- then it is all to be considered “throw away”- especially if we are raised to believe that all life is created equal.


  8. mockturtle said,

    Establishing boundaries for ones children nowadays is not easy. The State [at least here in WA] does not even allow parents to see their children’s medical records if they are over 12 years old. I don’t doubt that many parents are neglectful of the training they need to impose but, in a culture of violence, it’s a challenge. Glad I’m not raising kids now!

    BTW, the boy claimed it was people he hated but, of course, it was probably himself. Teenage angst is hardly new but the possibilities today to act out one’s fantasies are endless. Self-aggrandizing videos make fame an easy target, too.

  9. wj said,

    Karen, all children need boundaries. In fact, if they don’t have them they will typically engage in ever more extreme behavior, in an apparent attempt to finally find out where the boundaries are.

    It doesn’t seem to matter whether the boundaries are narrow or wide. But their existance appears to be very necessary.

  10. karen said,

    i totally agree w/the boundaries-
    just am noting that in today’s society- they seem invisible and w/the technological dependencies of today- that boundaries also seem non-existent. Or, at least invisible.

    Not to say that having boundaries will prevent pushing up against the fences(when we put our cows out in a new paddock- the 1st places they graze are under the fencelines:0)… no poop piles!)- but, this woman was not even trying to appear to be enforcing those boundaries accepted in society- like finishing graded school(IIRC)or alcohol abuses.

  11. mockturtle said,

    And, of course, there is a serious spiritual vacuum, which doesn’t help…

  12. Icepick said,

    Fixed, Karen.

  13. karen said,

    :0) phew.
    Thank you- &have a happy Fathers’ Day tomorrow!

  14. Icepick said,

    You’re welcome, and I’ll try my best! And same to your husband and father.

  15. amba12 said,

    Excellent post over there, Ice, I’m sorry to say.

  16. Icepick said,

    FWIW I was sorry to write it.

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