Some personal updates

May 3, 2014 at 4:02 pm (Icepick)

Thankfully, these are all positive.

First, my idiot fugitive neighbor got arrested again Thursday. So he now sits in cell BRC3CN7 of the Orange County Jail. (He had skipped his trial date of April 14th on the hit and run and became a fugitive. He showed up several times next door after that.) Now just awaiting the foreclosure and then his girlfriend and their dogs will be gone permanently.

Second, Disney claimed the other day that they actually HAD cancelled my ‘benefit’ on February 28th. But it took them until April 30th to process the incorrectly billed statements and mail something to the diagnostic lab. Hopefully that is FINALLY sorted.

Finally, some friends are in town this week, and I’m hoping to finally meet them. If lucky, we might even get an appearance from our hostess.

Anyway, hope things are going well elsewhere, too.

UPDATE: Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. mockturtle said,

    Good to hear things are looking up, Ice.

  2. Icepick said,

    Save for the company, which is a definite positive, it’s mostly a return to expected normalcy. And I’m happy about that! Normal is good! I welcome normal. Normal is my friend.

  3. mockturtle said,

    Bad neighbors are worse than a thorn in the side. They are like a festering wound with flesh-eating bacteria. :-\

  4. karen said,

    Doesn’t your house live on your back, mockT???

  5. mockturtle said,

    Not yet! I’ve got my house up for sale and then it will be! :-) BTW, my current neighbors are very nice but I have experienced some bad ones.

  6. The Grit of the Sixties said,

    Orange County jail? I can see that from my house. You have anything you want I should deliver to him?

    I moved away from the house I lived in for 17 years due to bad neighbors. The DPD was always there, detectives in unmarked cars with blacked out windows, looking for the felon who was being harbored by the idiot woman who lived next door. I am glad to be gone from that place. Now I am the bad neighbor – oh yeah!

  7. Icepick said,

    You have anything you want I should deliver to him?

    Maybe a dull file and some ropeless soap-on-a-rope.

    Now I am the bad neighbor – oh yeah!

    It’s good to fulfill one’s ambitions, Sixty, but you’ve got to watch out for the sense of purposeless drift than can set in afterwards. I recommend drinking heavily and peeing on the neighbor’s dog.

  8. The Grit of the Sixties said,

    LOL at the IP. No, I like dogs, and sobriety, so not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent. I really try to be a good neighbor, don’t run my chainsaw after hours or let the dogs bark at any and every provocation.

    But I do have some dull files, and it would be good to get rid of one. And how about soap on a rope with no soap? That might speed up the process, just sayin’.

  9. Icepick said,


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