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The rantings of one very irate man to follow soon.

Quite a bit later, certainly later than “soon” by any reasonable definition…

First, some background.

My mother was born in 1927. She worked at Walt Disney World Resorts from 1980 to 2000. I was covered under her medical insurance for several years while I was still a minor. Eventually Mom retired with a (great) retiree medical benefit.

I was born in 1968. I worked at Walt Disney World Resort from 2003 until 2008.

My mother died in September of 2011.

Then the adventure begins!

Shortly after Mom died, my sister and I received her death benefit payment from Disney. It wasn’t a lot, but it came to the correct person, with the correct SS#.

Then I started getting notices from the WDW benefits center telling me that I was eligible for a medical benefit. I called them, told them I certainly wasn’t eligible, and they said it was cleared up.

I kept getting notices about signing up for my medical benefits. Grrr. Called again, eventually, told them they were wrong. Eventually they figured out that two of me were in the system, one with a SS# that was off by one digit. Someone had goofed up and created a phantom me. They told me that they had it resolved.

I kept getting notices about signing up for my medical benefits. Grrr. Called again.

Lather, rinse, repeat a couple of times.

I kept getting notices about signing up for my medical benefits. GRRR. Called again some time last summer. Allegedly got everything settled, killed the phantom me, had everything under the correct me, had everything cancelled.

I KEPT GETTING NOTICES ABOUT SIGNING UP FOR MY MEDICAL BENEFITS. GRRR. Gave up calling, decided, “Fuck it [Something much more polite than “Fuck it”, I’m sure], I’ve done what I need to do, they need to figure this out on their own.”

I kept getting notices about signing up for my medical benefits. Didn’t care any more, ignored them, moved on with my life.

January 2, 2014 rolls around and I finally go to the doctor about an issue that had been bothering me for almost two months. Samples are taken, and samples are dropped off at a lab. (Don’t ask for details – you really don’t want details.)

Now, unemployed man that I am, my wife’s medical insurance covers me. Turns out that the same company that covers my wife’s employer is the same company that handles the administration of Disney’s medical insurance here in Florida. (Disney self-insures, so they actually pay for everything themselves, but it uses an insurance company to handle everything for a variety of reasons. This is common for large employers.)

So when I went to the lab I made certain that they had my current insurance information.

A couple of weeks later, we get a couple of notifications of benefits from the insurance company. My wife looks at them and realizes that my Disney insurance has been billed.


Now, feeling like Bruce Banner right before he turns green, I call the Disney benefits people AGAIN. Eventually (and I can’t remember if this was on the first or second call, or maybe a third call), we determine the nature of the problem. Namely, Disney has me listed as my mother’s surviving spouse, thus entitled to her (quite excellent) medical coverage.

This after numerous attempts to clear things up. This after many attempts from me explaining to them that they were in error and needed to fix this. This after the Disney benefits folks told me on several occasions that they had cleared everything up.

So now I find out that I had been eligible for the benefit, according to Disney, since 1/1/2012, and that the insurance had been active (despite my not paying them anything) since 1/1/2013. So now I’m suddenly scared that more than two lab fees (and a visit to the doctor’s office, it turns out) have been billed to the wrong insurance policy. Because you know that would be a true and royal clusterfuck [something much more polite than “clusterfuck”, I’m sure], and that I would be on the hook for it, quite possibly criminally, despite the fact that I hadn’t done anything wrong. They take insurance fraud seriously in Florida. Uh, unless you’re the governor, I mean.

Seriously, I don’t know why Disney feels like they need to fuck me all over again (having already fired me early in the recession, thus ruining my chances of ever holding down a job of any kind again, on the flimsiest of reasons by a jack-ass who gambled on his work computer using aliases of founders of the Ku Klux Klan to do it), but my God they have decided to fuck my all over again. Seriously, what is wrong with those goddamned bastards? How fucking evil, stupid, and/or mean are they that they are insisting on repeatedly screwing me over? Seriously, is there anybody with that company that is competent left, or are they dimply this fucking mean? I began to ponder the wisdom of Murphy and Finagle.

(I told you I was pissed irate.)

Anyway …

They tell me they’ve finally got it cleared up again. So they tell me. They really do. They practically pinky-swore on the matter.

Then, yesterday, I get a letter from the goddamned absolutely lovely Disney benefits people, telling me they’ve been trying to contact me, and I need to talk to them about my fucking (I got nothin’) benefits with the Walt Disney Company, of which I HAVE NONE.

So after my wife gets home, I call them. Mind you, I’m very polite when I make these calls. The people to whom I’m speaking probably aren’t the ones fucking me over responsible, and besides, you can catch more flies with honey. Or insert the cliched bit of tripe of you choice for that last clause. Whatever.

So I call them. And I try to find out what’s going on. I explain my situation to them again.

And then they tell me that the reason they’re calling is because they want to know if I’ve signed up for Medicare yet.


“Okay, do not slam the phone against the wall,” I tell myself, “the phone isn’t responsible, and besides you own it.”

“Okay, do not try to bash you head through a wall,” I tell myself, “the wall isn’t responsible; besides, you own it. Furthermore, if you somehow break your skull, they’ll probably bill the wrong fucking [absolutely lovely, I’m sure] insurance again.”


Anyway, eventually one of the women on the other end of my communication network connection (because it took two of them because the first one couldn’t get her computer to work) finally tells me that they show I’m not covered. So this was all about what, exactly? I don’t even bother to ask.

So I get off the phone, assured that I’m  not covered by anything (I’m waiting to find out they’ve cancelled all my coverages, even the coverage I have through my wife’s employer), and I say to my wife,

“Congratulations honey, you’re married to a man who has magically aged at least 22 years, is a bigamist, and an incestuous bastard to boot.”

To which she cheerily replied, “Oh, you’re just like Oedipus!”

To which I thundered,



  1. mockturtle said,

    We’re waiting…..

  2. kngfish said,

    The Internet is either ranting or cat photos….

  3. mockturtle said,

    Or ranting cat photos….

  4. Icepick said,

    Seriously, if I’m going to get stuck with all the crimes, I want the fucking absolutely lovely, I’m sure, kingdom. It’ll give me the opportunity to decide who lives and who dies clear-up a few issues.

  5. mockturtle said,

    Interesting account and one with which I can readily empathize. It helps to use some kind of sedating drug before reaching for the phone. Usually, I find that these conversations come at the end of about a 40-minute wait [your call is important to us!] so I’m already in a lather even before I get someone on the line. :-\

  6. wj said,

    Sometimes, the only way to get something like this cleared up is to . . . just try to take them up on their offer.

    Suddenly, miraculously, they will get their system straightened out. Because, after all, now instead of merely spamming you about signing up, they actually have to shell out some money. Amazing how that concentrates their minds.

  7. karen said,

    what would happen if you either-
    A) went to work this out face-to-face or…
    2) turned them into the authorities for a stolen identity or something.

    or, take wj’s advice- at a risk of jail, i guess.

    Sincerely hoping that all your lab tests come back w/as much negativity as the results of your vocal confrontations w/Disney.

  8. wj said,

    Karen, perhaps the decision on whether to “take them up on their offer” or not should turn on this:
    Does the application that they keep sending actually ask you whether you think that you meet the criteria?

    I’ve been in situations where it was absolutely certain that I did not meet the criteria for something. It was something I was actually interested in; I just wasn’t eligible. But on careful reading of the application, it said “We have determined that you are eligible” and never asked me to say that *I* thought so as well — just whether I wanted it. Since I did, I applied . . . and got it. Never got any push-back either. Ah, bureaucracy!

  9. Icepick said,

    wj, everything I have received just states that I’m eligible.

    But I don’t think I can take them up on the offer, as I KNOW I’m not eligible, and there is something of a paper trail with me stating that now. And honestly, I don’t want the headache that would come of having this undeserved benefit. (Don’t get me wrong, the benefit is super-awesome, and I’d love to have it, I just know it isn’t correct.)

    Karen, there would be no one to speak with in person, I don’t think. This is part of a contracted service, and it’s all done by internet or telephone. Now I COULD go talk to someone in the retiree office at Disney (I used to know a couple of people that worked there, though they’re almost certainly gone now), but ultimately I’m just likely to get referred back to the other service. Damnit.

    As for your second suggestion: That’s kind of funny, but I don’t think I’ve got a case. My identity isn’t stolen, it’s just badly messed up. Now if I started getting SS and Medicare at not quite 46 ….

  10. amba12 said,

    The obvious solution is for them to compensate you for all this grief by giving you your job back.

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