You are your own Sultan of Swat!

February 6, 2014 at 7:27 pm (By Ron)


Happy 119th Babe!   (like he would have made it this far!)  The greatest 20th Century example of Unrestrained Id.  Eat it, Drink it, Have Sex with it, Smoke it….Ruth is always good for that!  Ruth used bats that were 40 to 54 ounces, very, very heavy bats!

Added:   Since in the comments Lem uses the word “Ruthian”, I think it only fair to give you a bit more!


Here’s the Babe tossing Baby Ruth candy bars to the right field crowd!


Ruth and pal Lou Gehrig (their uniform numbers were 3 and 4….where they hit in the lineup!)   And the small guy in the middle?  Then manager Miller Huggins, whom Ruth dangled by his ankles out the window of a moving train to “celebrate” winning the 1928 World Series!

454px-babe_ruth_george_bushA famous picture, taken 2 months before his death, of Ruth rewarding the captain of the Yale baseball team and winner of the College World Series, George Herbert Walker Bush!

Babe Ruth

When Ruth died in August 1948  (2 years younger than me!)  he lay in state at Yankee Stadium for 3 days.  The Yankees sent up lines on each side of him so over 100,000 people could pay their respects….


  1. Lem said,

    Ruthian, synonymous with titanic.

  2. Lem said,

    That looks like the first commissioner behind him.

  3. kngfish said,

    Kenesaw Mountain Landis? Yeah, I think that’s him. I think this picture is from batting practice in the first all star game in Chicago in 1933. I think that one guy next to the kneeling photographer is Grantland Rice…but I’m not sure.

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