And a year later…

January 30, 2014 at 2:38 pm (By Ron, Uncategorized)


Yeah, January 31st!

So, after a crazy year where am I?  Have things gotten better?  Worse?  The same?

Overall, I’d say things are cautiously better.  I’m out of a bad living situation, and while where I am is still tentative and not really where I want to be ultimately, it’s far better than things were last spring.  My health…is better too, but s-l-o-w-l-y over what it was.  Of the two illnesses I had last June, one is gone completely and the other…is still there, but far better.  My leg illnesses is First World War like; lots of energy expended for gradual improvements.  But they are improvements!  I figure when I take the dirt nap I’ll be in great shape!  Hmmm……

Mentally, things are much better, but not really for rational reasons!  I think I see so many folks around me my age, tired, cranky, defeated, frustrated that they realize they aren’t going to be Mick Jagger (or Tom Wolfe, if you want to get a bit more toney) and I feel oddly fresher than when I was 25.  As with most good things in my life I have to give credit for this to Nietzsche.  He’s the only writer I’ve ever read that has given me a workout and energy for life for decades.  Even when I flag, that Zarathustrean esprit carries me through.  As he said of Goethe, Nietzsche has “disciplined me to gentleness and a wisdom full of pranks.”  You’ve all suffered through my puns; I can’t help it, that’s where I find that crackle, that lightning charge, that goofy delight in life and learning.  Feh, on stodginess and seriousness.  Astaire has taught me the virtue of light feet.  (This from the guy with the swollen leg!)

There’s so much to do…and not enough resources, funds, and time.  But we do what we can; writing here continues apace, and I even can find my peace and joy in it.  I don’t edit myself anymore; why bother?  Just go with where your finger energy takes you and figure it out later.

Among the goofy ideas I’d like to do…


See that ’49 Cadillac?  I’d like to get something like that…..and make it a hybrid.  It wouldn’t be too hard I think, and the idea of getting say,  25 mpg, out of a tank like that has a lot of contrarian appeal.

Plus…lets look for a partner to do this:


Love to you all, especially our Greenwich Floridian and Hostess, just for setting this whole shee-bang up!


Checkout the birthday card from my very sweet amiga, Lela Dowling!



  1. Melinda said,

    Great to hear from you. Happy Birthday! I hope your year and your living situation continue to improve.

  2. karen said,

    So- on the Eve of the great discovery of the 1st exploration of(i forget who/what you said it’s name was- duh, me)we wait for the 56th of the ’56. Right? That is just- so cool. I’ll have to wait ’til ’67:0(

    To contrast the above post w/the ones prior– you are an answer to my prayers, Kingfisher(man)! The portrayal of the party is as awesome as it gets, too. Keep your chin up and shoulders back- a la Mulan:0) &i have no doubt that in another few months it’ll be even better.

    Thinking of you– and will post in this thread a very happy day to you, for realz.

  3. mockturtle said,

    Nietzsche was my first love [although I admit to having had a heavy crush on Fidel Castro when I was thirteen]. Glad to hear you are having a better year thus far. And a happy belated birthday!

  4. karen said,

    Isn’t your b-day 2day?
    Happyhappy birthday!

  5. kngfish said,

    Yes, Karen! Today is it! :)

  6. mockturtle said,

    Well, in that case, my greetings were notbelated. Happy Birthday, Ron! :-) This would be a good time to read A Confederacy of Dunces. It will delight your soul.

  7. wj said,

    Happy (belated) birthday, Ron.

    They just don’t make cars like that any more, do they?

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