Best Advertizing Campaign Ever!

January 29, 2014 at 2:30 pm (Icepick)

Report: Some Bay Area Communities Could Run Out Of Water Within 4 Months

Matt Bigler reporting for KCBS:

SAN JOSE (KCBS) — As the drought in California continues, 17 communities throughout the state could run out of water within 60 to 120 days, state officials said.

In some districts, the wells are running dry while other reservoirs are nearly empty. The state Health Department compiled a list after surveying the more than 3,000 water agencies in California last week.

Et cetera, and so on.

But it turns out that this is all part of the world’s most clever advertizing campaign.

Stay thirsty, my friends!


  1. mockturtle said,

    Clever campaign! Love those commercials!

  2. Icepick said,

    If Dos Equis starts shipping lots of beer to dehydrated California communities in coming weeks, I’ll know I was on the money. ANd if they don’t, they’ve missed a great opportunity.

  3. wj said,

    Don’t know about Dos Equis, but somebody in the beer business had the idea:

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