How to Destroy Life on Earth

January 11, 2014 at 1:25 am (By Realpc)

We have all known for a long time that our species is endangering the earth. Well maybe not everyone agrees, but it seems pretty obvious. We throw megatons of garbage into the oceans, burn gasoline constantly, etc. How much of that could any planet stand?

We also have known for decades that any time a war breaks out, someone might get serious and use the real weapons. The ones you aren’t supposed to use, because that would probably mean the end of our world.

Most of us don’t think about all that too much, because we have more important things to think about, like where to buy our next smart phone, or maybe even splurge on Google Glass.

I admit I’m like everyone else, preferring to enjoy the moment than consider the horrible danger we are in. We can’t do much about it anyway.

But recently I learned about some horrors I didn’t know about before. It is kind of neat that now we can find out what ‘s going on in ways we never could before. Yes, the crazed conspiracy theorists are out there. But there is also sane and important information about things your government hopes you won’t notice.

I was searching for something else in google when I got sidetracked by information about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you like being horrified, you will enjoy reading about that. I have lots of opinions on it, but will save it for another post.

Then I got sidetracked from my sidetrack, on to HAARP and chemtrails. I encourage you all to start observing the sky. I don’t know how I never noticed before the things I am noticing now. Wasn’t I ever looking up? I only started to notice after I became aware of geoengineering.

Well there is an awful lot to say about that, but I am trying to keep this short. At this point, I just want to see if any of you have noticed anything.

HAARP (forget what it exactly stands for, but just google if you want to know) evolved out of the old Star Wars research. Conspiracy theorists run wild with it, but that doesn’t negate the fact that HAARP is real.

Essentially, they are f-cking with the ionosphere. One reason is to develop weapons and defense systems — and weapons could come of this research that makes nuclear bombs look like toys.

There are other reasons also, such as weather control, slowing down global warming, protecting communications systems from solar flares, whatever.

Sadly and horrifyingly, these mainstream materialist reductionist scientists are not aware that nature is infinitely smarter than they are. You can’t just f-ck with these crazily complex systems and not get burned eventually.

Please start noticing they sky. Maybe it depends on where you are. I am not too far from NYC. The clouds are very often lined up in neat parallel rows. Very often it is very obvious they are not normal natural clouds.

There is HAARP, and there are also chemtrails. The chemtrails are an extremely sinister, but possibly well-meaning, attempt to “improve” on nature by spraying aerosols of aluminum oxide, barium and strontium. Um, that sounds good, doesn’t it. Spraying it on us. Hey radiation might be good for you, don’t worry!

Putting fine particles up there in the sky for various sinister (but probably well-meaning) reasons. It works together with HAARP somehow.

Maybe the born again Christians are right, maybe this time the world really is about to end.

Please look up and let me know what you see.


  1. amba (Annie Gottlieb) said,

    Here in Florida there are a lot of airplanes arriving, which leave jet-engine contrails. Like artificial clouds, they become a strangely linear part of the sky and sunset. I am not sure I would know how to distinguish them from these other phenomena.

    All I can say is, I read (actually, copyedited) an excellent book called Five Billion Years of Solitude, by Lee Billings. It’s wonderful because it’s melancholy, where most science books are manic and grandiose about what science can and will do. This is a very eloquent book about the humbling frustration of our limitations. We can imagine and look beyond our own planet now, but we can’t get there. One concept that came up in this book is that one reason we have not had communication from/with any other intelligent species from other worlds may well be that by the time a civilization becomes advanced enough to reach out beyond its own planet, it is also advanced enough to destroy itself and likely to do so soon.

  2. mockturtle said,

  3. realpc920 said,

    amba, the official story on chemtrails is that they are all just normal contrails. However, since I have been carefully observing the sky I have seen lots of things that are very far from normal.

    I don’t know if you saw the HAARP picture I posted on FB — I didn’t take it, just found it, but I have seen lots and lots of that stuff. Clouds are lined up neatly in parallel rows — that can’t happen naturally, and I think it results somehow from HAARP pulsations.

    I have observed a lot of chemtrails also, I am pretty sure. On certain days, you see massive amounts of jet trails, criss-crossing the sky. They stay for hours. On those days you also see what I sorrowfully refer to as “dirt clouds.” It might be some of the aerosol stuff. It looks like dingy dirt hanging in the sky.

    Now I realize there are mad conspiracy theories all over google and youtube. But if you do enough searching, you will find information that seems to be sane. Tons of evidence has been collected, and years of observations have been made.

    Chemtrails could be sprayed by any country, business, or organization. There are no laws, afaik, to protect anyone from this. The US government might know, or it might not. But chemtrails are mostly a theory.

    HAARP, on the other hand, is no secret. Well, it’s existence is not a secret. What it does and where exactly it is (maybe not just Alaska, which has supposedly shut down) is all secret or semi-secret.

    I saw some really scary youtubes about HAARP. Almost as fun as watching horror movies. But depressing because it seems to be true.

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