Holiday Spending!

December 1, 2013 at 7:33 pm (By Ron)

Ok, I hate to be Althousian, but if you do any Christmas Shopping through Amazon, I personally request that you please go to my blog Fluffy Stuffin and make your purchase through my Amazon portal.  I finally made $18(!) from a years worth of purchases from various folks.  As I am in a huge struggle to merely exist…anything would be greatly appreciated.  Your price won’t be worse for using the portal, but I get a small slice.  Thank you again, and I apologize for the pleading.


  1. karen said,

    Since i plan to do a lot of shopping for Christmas on line– i pledge to use the Fluffy Portal for good luck and good returns to a good friend!

    Not pleading- merely pointing one in the right direction. Thank you for that:0)

  2. wj said,

    Ron, you might want to make your portal a little easier to spot. If, for example, it was right at the top, you would likely get more traffic.

  3. kngfish said,

    Ok, I just changed the template to put it over my about section….Let me know what you think!

  4. karen said,

    Why doesn’t the link…link?
    Or, is it just me?

  5. Icepick said,

    It works for me, Karen. You can also see the link in the sidebar on the right, in the Blogroll section.

    Or you can click


    We’ll see if that works.

  6. karen said,

  7. karen said,

    : &thank u, ice.
    If it says “Fluffy Amazon Search”- it doesn’t seem to work.

  8. Icepick said,

    Karen, now I understand what you’re talking about.

    Under FLuffy Amazon Search there should be a box/widget for searching Amazon. I’m seeing that box. Not sure why you aren’t. DO you know which browser you’re using? THere’s a newish version of Internet Explorer out there that I know some people are having problems with. I’m using some veersion of FireFox myself.

  9. kngfish said,

    Like Karen I seem to have problems seeing the box as well….when I use IE (NOT Firefox!) I see the box…Odd!

  10. karen said,

    I have Firefox.
    I see no box.
    I have no IE.
    No box, no box do i see.
    Silly me:0)

  11. Icepick said,

    That’s weird that I do see it with FireFox.

  12. kngfish said,

    I contacted Amazon already this morning…but they see the box in Firefox also! Again, odd!

  13. Icepick said,

    I also see the box when using Chrome on my Android phone, though I have to view the website as a desktop site first.

  14. wj said,

    I’m also not seeing a box — using Firefox. I do see it with Internet Explorer, however, so at least I know what I have been missing.

  15. Icepick said,

    I can see the box with Chrome on my android phone, and with Chrome, FireFox and IE on my home computer. Didn’t bother looking at versions.

  16. karen said,

    I’ll use your link when i get the chance, Ice.

    Good news, although my husband says i’ll jinx it- we had 2new baby girls today!
    It’s been weird weather up here in the NEKingdom- we had 12below the other morning and today it was a bit below 32, but warmed up a little higher than that.

    It makes cows more susceptible to health issues of the negative persuasion- especially pneumonia. So, that’s hard(when you’re organic)to deal w/&treat. So far we have had to treat one youngster conventionally(antibiotic) and we will sell her. She’s no longer organic. Which happens. The others have been responding to the acceptable and approved organic treatment using banamine and Phytobiotics: created by the vet mentioned below.

    Dig Deeper
    Rodale Institute » Dig Deeper » General » Livestock » Rodale Institute Names Dr. Hubert Karreman as Institute Veterinarian
    Rodale Institute Names Dr. Hubert Karreman as Institute Veterinarian

    Wish that had linked.

    Anyway- i named Lightening’s baby Loudy(it sounds prettier than it looks)-because she was a mouth right from the get go- and Vanish’s baby is Vanna- and she’s the most beautiful calf i’ve seen. White except for a patch over one eye and her ears are black. That’s it. My husband asked if i’d named her that because she’s White. Which i think is brilliant, but never occurred to me:0)

    I named her Vanna to rhyme w/Hannah- who was stolen in 2004 or sometime around then from our barn- along w/two other calves. She was marked almost the same and she was out of our best cow- Hattie. Hattie was amazing, but had no ability to transmit her great genes forward. Good genetics carries on through the generations- like god bone structure in humans… poor Hat was a fluke- i mean- her girls were beautiful, but they never lasted long- their legs weren’t the greatest and that’s a Walkaway Chief Mark negativity, unfortunately.,d.aWM&cad=rja

    See his linear- the graph w/the black bars- legs are so negative. Haha- look how old he is!! He’s gone, but he lives on.

    Sorry so verbal- i love cows so much- and the harder our struggle w/the everyday negatives of our living… it’s just all worthwhile when someone like Vanna is born:0)

  17. karen said,

    ps- Hue’s link was as long, but i thought it was too long.
    Funny i let Chief mark’s link stay.

  18. karen said,

  19. kngfish said,

    I wonder if seeing the box has something to do with whether you can see pop-ups or not?

    Karen, those pics make those cows look like they’re wanted by the FBI!

  20. karen said,

    Cud shots-lol!
    i think- pinups: “Humma Humma Ding Ding!”:0)
    When i was a kid– 12+, there were honest-2-goodness centerfolds in magazines that i used to put up in my room. I remember Wapa Bootmaker mandy- beautiful.,d.cWc&cad=rja

    I know of most of those cows there- Mity-Fine Matt Misty, for instance.
    They have changed since the 60’s,eh?

  21. kngfish said,

    Yes…changed since the ’60’s ….back then they read Mooocalm X and Herbert Moocuse! Crazy Stoner Cows!

  22. karen said,

    Puts a whole new spin on ~Grass~.
    Organic, of course.

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