Have a relaxing holiday….Hitch wants you to.

November 28, 2013 at 7:50 am (By Ron)



  1. Icepick said,

    As long as I don’t see that guy lurking behind the turkey (or anywhere else), I’ll be okay.

  2. kngfish said,

    Well…that guy behind the turkey IS Hitch! :)

  3. Icepick said,

    I know that, and that’s EXACTLY why I wrote what I did!

  4. mockturtle said,

    Especially since he’s been dead for 33 years. Although a surprise would be in character. ;-)

  5. karen said,

    I “hosted” our 3rd Tday family gathering here… my house is still spotless:0).
    We had to bring 3cats to the barn- who were less than thankful, but will hopefully adjust. Considering the three cats now in the barn are all above the age of 10– i think two are 13 and Acorn is 15, we need new blood to control any pesty vermin.

    I was so prepared and nervous for the 1st gathering- painted all my rooms(w/help from such an ambitious friend, you have no idea!)and all the preparations in triplicate. This yr, i was so foggy i barely had nay pepper, mismatched shakers, pickle jar glasses(i love the dimensions and the lip), no plastic containers for leftovers- and no apron for my older sister- who took over as soon as she walked in- thanks be to God! She wore a bath towel held tightly by a clothespin:0).

    Pretty redneckky- but, very good fare. Even though i do have a dishwasher- that runs only on one setting- light- we washed everything by hand and used sandwich bags for all the leftovers. We had pies up the wah-zoo and this morning, the scent of love still lingers in the atmosphere- humming quietly like the vibrations of a beautiful sound- more felt than heard.

    i hope everyone had such a day- it’s only one day- but, for me- it makes up for all the other days’ grind and grit.

  6. Icepick said,

    This image on a tee shirt, caption: Hitch says , “RELAX!”

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