Ok, I’m late, but here I am!

November 1, 2013 at 9:26 pm (By Ron)

I am a bit late writing this post, but I promised it to Karen!  I didn’t really want this to turn into “Ron’s Health Odyssey” and I debated how I wanted to write it.  Not too mention that I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital a lot and busy posting my game collection for sale on the BoardGameGeek, but here goes.


After months of relatively ineffectual antibiotic, i’m finally having some luck with occupational therapy treating my leg.  it’s the old fashioned way;  they’re squeezing my leg like a tube of toothpaste, starting at the foot all the way up to the knee.  I stick my leg in the leg Squeezer and lie back and think about Tahiti for an hour.  It’s finally shrinking, and it has gone down about 2 inches in diameter in just 3 treatments.  I go twice a week, and they’re trying to get me a machine of my own!  I would have preferred a KitchenAid stand mixer, but you get what you get in life!  There are some minor negative side effects; the skin cracks and bleeds somewhat after the machine, and it itches like mad.  i’m also wearing something on it during the day for compression.  So I’m getting lighter as well.  My OT does lymphatic massage on me to move the fluid through.

I really need my car (or a car, at least) as winter approaches.  I also intend to go back to the YMCA to get back in the swing of working out.

I will post more when I get more info about what they will do with me.  But for now, let’s celebrate

2 Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers Top HatLove to you all,






  1. karen said,



    i know you could do this- get moving in the right direction and once momentum kicks in– you’re on a roll. Ride the wave!!Get yourself physically better and challenge your brain in some Community college courses of some such and the future is your blank page to compose upon. You’re always in our prayers.
    Keep up the good work.

    “I go twice a week, and they’re trying to get me a machine of my own! I would have preferred a KitchenAid stand mixer, but you get what you get in life! ”
    I loved this. I have always wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer, too. Instead- i have a little mixer that needs new batter beaters!!

    As an add on– i now have two friends w/dialysis machines at their homes, so i think you’re getting a much better rap on your health woes. One fella is an ex of mine- i had such a crush on him at one time and we “dated”… anyway, i told him i should get checked to see if we were a match, but if we were- his body most likely would reject my kidney:0) since, you know:0)- he rejected me- w/an ouch.

    Love you.

  2. karen said,

    you, ‘n me:
    B-b-b-but =
    where’s everyone else???

  3. kngfish said,

    Well, Karen….we’ll have to stage a coup and take over! :0 Indeed….the blog seems to be on the ice floes…

  4. karen said,

    Ok– Yesterday was quite a day on the farm.

    Our best cow… dropped dead.
    An amazing girl- big, milky, scored EX 91.
    Autopsy(actually necropsy for animals)was practically inconclusive although there were some abnormalities: her diaphragm had adhesion s(crazy spck says it’s written thus(ly))and it could have been some kind of bacterial infection that crossed organ lines, but nothing to explain how she could have been absolutely fine and then dead. Si took pics of the necropsy- God has quite an imagination when it comes to our inner workings. Her rumen looked like a beanbag chair(HUGE)–we feed our girls continuously. Her gall bladder was the size of a cabbage.

    This should make me sad- but, i’m jaded to farming. Almost.
    The calf that we have to put down today, when we get home form my folks- that’s going to be harder, and i think it may have to do w/the suffering factor. This little calf started getting sickly(3wks old)- and the vet says she has two heart murmurs. Something that could cause her to perish at anytime the more $$$ we put into her as she ages. It costs so much $$$/day to raise and then not get a return on investment? As a business, we have a hard enough time keeping animals that don’t breed well or abort.

    Sickness is a drain on your heart- and i only really have animals in my experience. As my folks are 81 and tiring… it’s no comparison, these critters- compared to people.

    It could be worse. A village acquaintance just died of a heart attack and he was 47. A cow? Please.

    So, after all this bandwidth, i want to reiterate to my pal the Kngfisherman– to keep the Faith. Chin up- shoulders back and forward March!! Know that we are praying for your success and loving you :0)

  5. kngfish said,

    Karen, you simply couldn’t be a kinder, stronger source of support. I’m very grateful for your encouragement and good humor even you are having struggles of your own. I wish I could provide help to you half as moving as your support for myself. I may indeed get a leg squeezing machine for my own personal use! It would make treatment go faster. There are more things going on…which I will relate as they actually happen! Forward I go!

  6. karen said,

    :0) Yeah!

    Is everyone else ok out there????
    It sounds like my kitchen w/the rug under the table missing- empty and echo-y.

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