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September 15, 2013 at 7:53 am (By Ron) ()

I have a new post (!) over at End-of-Work.com after a long hiatus.  Enjoy!


  1. wj said,

    Oh good! I thought we’d lost you….

  2. mockturtle said,

    This would certainly be an interesting society! Full of writers and musicians? Maybe….but perhaps people will be more creative about things they are not about now. More refined solutions to ever more complex human problems!

    Doesn’t bode well for someone like me who has all the creativity of a turnip. :-(

  3. karen said,

    MMmmmmm… i like turnip.
    Hard as hell to peel, though:0).
    Must be the shell-like covering…
    O/T(again and of course):
    i finished 3James McBride books.

    ~Miracle At St Anna~ is a wonderful book-not necessarily my type of reading, but i try to be open minded and fell in love w/the characters. I cried at the end.
    Very gory(it’s war), quite raw in speech and content(it’s male-dominated).

    I’m now starting ~The Good Lord Bird~.

    Has anyone else read any of this man’s writing? A good friend started ~Song Yet Sung~ and quit at pg 4 due to something that happened that disturbed her. Page 4! She doesn’t do fiction, as a rule, anyway- so that’s pretty good for her, i guess. What a huge, dynamic world to dismiss(heh- i hate going for groceries! who am i?)only at page 4.

  4. kngfish said,

    As she is wont to do, Karen teaches us the important life lesson that when life gives you turnips…make turnipade….or something! :0

  5. karen said,

    Turnipade- sounds like a bitter pill to swallow!
    I had wanted to p.s. my above comment:
    i do not appreciate the ~n~word, which these books are so full of.

    Kngfish– how about that update?

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