New Military Patch for the Coming Syrian Campaign

September 13, 2013 at 12:42 pm (By Amba)

New Military Patch for the Coming Syrian Campaign

h/t Ron Fisher (KngFish)


  1. karen said,

    Not necessarily @that notion, but the fact i just knew this post was from Ice– & instead- it’s from A Fluffy Kngfisher!!

    I’m thankfully not paying much of my small mind to Obamadrums beating for war- i’ve always said he’s truthless &stand by that sentiment still.

    O/T= reading James McBride books– i’m on my 3rd one. ~Miracle @St Anna~.
    His writing is- imaginary- what’s that called: there’s a name for that. Howard Frank Mosher writes like it and ~Water for Chocolate~ was full of it. (Only, McBride’s subtle). I tried to link Mosher’s wiki pg but it was really long… he’s a local.

    ~The Color of Water~ is amazing. ~Song Yet Sung~ was… sad and so… well, hard to describe distrust and confusion that deep.

    *Also heard a commenter on Vpr agree w/Putin about our feeling of exceptional-ism- it’s so uncalled for, i mean- who do we think we are? If we’d… “just admit our how common we are as a country, a people… we’d be so much closer in creating world peace, people!!”

  2. SM_Icepick said,


  3. amba12 said,

    Magical realism?

  4. karen said,

    Possibly. I think that’s it!

    McBride’s isn’t probably an example, though. It just seems like it– his writing is amazing, but his subject matter is difficult. Right now its WWII in Italy w/a regiment of black men– a new world for me and i like it– except for the gore.
    He’s focusing on 4 men in particular, and a small boy.

  5. karen said,

    More off topic info i found– that as a productive member of Agriculture i find-
    totally asinine. Why would spell check tell me there is only 1 “s” in assinine?
    Talk about a definition…

  6. amba12 said,

    One of the benefits of hanging out here more will be hanging out with you, Karen!

  7. kngfish said,

    Karen, the assassines are an ancient mid-evil (not Great Evil, or Little White Lies, just…mid….evil) cult dedicated to silently killing idiots wherever The Profit has placed them. There were removed when an even greater cult, the LiterDoofi thought it was more evil to convince idiots to enter the realm of politics, hence the term “useful idiots.”

    I’m at your disposal, armed with the wisdom of the ages….

  8. mockturtle said,

    Where can I get one of those?! ;-)

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