Happy 4th!

July 4, 2013 at 9:42 am (By Ron)


As Astaire would do….say it with firecrackers!


  1. wj said,

    Does it count that I’m working a (licensed, professionally led) fireworks show tonight?

    At least this year I’m not pounding sand. Sand, if you haven’t seen the set-up of a traditional, manually fired, shows, is used to hold the mortars in place. And it needs to be pounded down firmly. At least, in the years i was doing that part of set-up, I could honestly say that I had empirical evidence that I was at least “smart enough to pound sand.” ;-)

  2. lehg said,

    OT, but thanks for the book, Annie, which arrived over the weekend, appropriately timing given its subject matter.

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