Memento Mori for the 21st Century

June 28, 2013 at 4:34 pm (By Amba)



  1. TT Burnett said,

    I lived in Ojai for a few years before moving to Boston. As I recall, it had a large population of the Living Dead.

  2. amba12 said,

    Any relation to the Grateful?

  3. kngfish said,

    “The Night of The Grateful Living Dead” — Amba12, you are a genius! A horror film/concert tour all in flick! Awesome!

  4. chickelit said,

    The looting of long-deserted midwestern graveyards first became a serious problem around the year 2040 as looters sought silver and gold fillings in skeletal non-Native Americans. Few of the living much cared for the specific burial rites of the dead as they had long since learned to despise them in general.

  5. TT Burnett said,

    No, but a semi-well-known rocker was my neighbor. He’d broken up with his band, and he only seemed to be waiting to be carted off to the undertaker.

    Also, I recall meeting Michael Tilson Thomas at the Ojai Festival in 1978. I told him I had seen him conduct on television, but never live, in-person. He said, “Oh, that wasn’t live. It was the Night of the Living Dead,” referring, of course, to the L.A. Philharmonic.

    The palpable sense of the Living Dead also came from the fact that there were so many old Hollywood types around. It seemed like the cast party of “Death Becomes Her.”

    My employer and all of the older generation of people I knew there were dead within a few years of my leaving. And most of my contemporaries from that place have now gone to better worlds, as well, including a couple of very hot young women and some amusing and talented guys. That place is my own private memento mori, even more so now that I’m getting this close (*holds up thumb and fore finger about 3mm apart*) to croaking myself.

  6. amba12 said,

    Oh, listen to you! A mere babe! (I know, your kids growing up makes you feel that way.) Maybe you’ll find some solace (or at least a laugh) in this essay I wrote in my early-to-mid fifties (and didn’t post till my early 60s), the punch line of which is, “Nature is trying to kill you!”

  7. amba12 said,

    KngFish — give us an update, please!! Are you still mainlining anti-Bs?

  8. kngfish said,

    Amba — I did put a “two weeks later” update on the “Current Fish” post. As of today, the status is still the same.

  9. chickelit said,

    Ron, I left you a health-related comment on the previous post.

  10. karen said,

    You guys!!!

    i leave for a while, come back and there’s nothing left of us but a ~skeleton~ crew. It’s taken about 10 minutes to make a head or tail of this post–

    “I’m getting this close (*holds up thumb and fore finger about 3mm apart*) to croaking myself.”

    … &i ask:

    Are we all ok?

  11. karen said,

    “It’s been good for my head to think things through. Many thanks to all Ambioids for their support!”

    Hey, Fisherman– can i be an Ambatron?? Ambioid sounds like c dif’s little sister:0).

  12. karen said,

    ps Christ was a Fisherman.
    Just saying…

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