I don’t think they’re completely grasping the concept of ‘mother’.

May 11, 2013 at 9:14 am (Icepick) ()



  1. chickelit said,

    “Happy Unmothers Day” ~Lewis Carroll

  2. Icepick said,


  3. karen said,

    Up is down… yadayadayad. A.

  4. karen said,

    Two things i’d like to share:

    I listen to a lot-LOT… of Vpr and i listen to The Story w/Dick Gordon.
    Two stories, recently- made me so happy to hear.

    ~One String is All You Need~ w/Brushy OneString:0)
    ~Learning to Listen~ w/Dr. T Berry Brazelton:0)


    I love the voices, but i love-even more- the passion- the emotion and the absolute knowledge of self. In a world of such chaos- celebrated and proudly acclaimed Chaos- these stories are so personally independent of where we are NOW. Dick Gordon is so charismatic and expert at drawing out these stories. Gifts, all. Treasures. To be so grounded as these two examples of Life- up can be down and they move their feet and right-side confusion.

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