The Down-side of Modern Criminal Forensics

May 9, 2013 at 9:38 pm (Icepick) ()

Modern DNA detection is a great boon for people trying to solve certain crimes. But there is a real down-side risk involved as well: criminals working harder to destroy evidence.

Warning, what follows is disturbing, so I’ll put it ‘below the fold’ for the squeamish.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Two Kissimmee brothers armed with guns and a machete raped a woman in her Poinciana home during a home-invasion robbery before using bleach on her body to destroy evidence — all as family members were forced to watch, authorities said.

Detectives with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested 33-year-old Richard Delgado Cruz and obtained an arrest warrant for his brother, 29-year-old Danny Delgado Cruz.

Kissimmee police arrested Danny Cruz Thursday evening. Polk County investigators were on their way to interview him late Thursday.

Rape is a heinous crime, but the bleach is a new type of nastiness. Incidentally, the suspects are both multiple time losers.

The younger Cruz’s criminal history includes arrests for battery, burglary and other crimes, mostly in Pinellas County.

His older brother also has criminal past in Pinellas, including serving four years in prison for armed robbery, home invasion and homicide, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Four years for three different types of violent felonies, including homicide! Next time someone talks about how draconian Florida is for its use of the death penalty, remember that we have our own share of violent criminals getting out after serving far less time than they should.


  1. karen said,

    Four yrs for a homicide??? That is nothing in return for a life.

    :0( was the victim still alive? I ask because bleach was used on Melissa Jenkins after they had strangled her to death- heinous is accurate. Depraved in the case of Melissa’s death.

  2. Icepick said,

    Karen, the victim in this case is alive, but I don’t know what her condition is.

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