Random Observations #2

April 19, 2013 at 8:21 am (Icepick) (, , , , , )

  • The news media has been falling on its face this week. The coverage of The Boston Massacre II has been wretched. That said, other observations mentioned below are contingent on the information I’m getting as of 8:00 AM Friday, April 19th, 2013.
  • Today is 20th anniversary of the Branch Davidian massacre/fiasco, and the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. (That latter event took place at 9:02 AM CDT. I’ll be happier when we roll around to Noon today without much incident.)
  • How perverse that the explosion in Texas was near Waco.
  • This is all like a faint echo of 2001. An unexpected bombing followed by deadly mail. Here in Florida we’ve even had the first shark attack of the Spring, over in New Smyrna Beach. All that’s needed are comeback hits for Afroman and Andrew W. K.
  • And how typical of the times that the things that might make for fun re-runs are the things that don’t happen. (Yes, I liked “Because I Got High” and “Party Hard” – both stupid fun-time songs, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.)
  • And yes, I mean a faint echo. BM II, while awful, is obviously dwarfed by the scale of 9/11/2001. And fortunately no one has been killed by any of the ricin letters, which makes this less deadly than the anthrax letters. Still, fun times these aren’t.
  • The two guys in Boston are/were better terrorists than thieves. Holding up a convenience store? Really? Convenience stores are designed with the idea that they’re going to be held up repeatedly, so you can’t get much money out of robbing one. If that was part of their efforts to get away they clearly didn’t know much beyond how to make a bomb.
  • One of the guys is named Joker? Really? Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19. Sound out that first name, or listen to the media members.
  • Post script: This morning I got the scrambled eggs absolutely perfect. Naturally, this is the morning my not-quite-three-year-old daughter decides to NOT eat her eggs. You don’t eat them, little girl, and I will!


  1. Icepick said,

    And yes, I’m the type of guy to use words and constructions like “and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that” when talking about songs from Afroman and Andrew W. K..

  2. Icepick said,

    From an article in The Globe and Mail:

    The first Chechen pro-independence leader, killed by the Russian army, was Dzhokar Dudaev.

    Seriously, the Chechen uprising was led by someone named Joker Dude. That’s messed up.

  3. karen said,

    Well, i have been pretty faithful in checking Gateway or Drudge for updates. I understand that all information may not be correct, i just pray God- that this person is caught. What does the father mean when he says that if his son is killed- then all hell will break loose, basically, &paraphrased by me.(?) That is not a good response, eh? Well, at least it looks like it wasn’t a Right-wing-ed nut looking to celebrate Hitler’s b-day. Yeah- i was worried that might be it.

    Meanwhile &O/T- i don’t know how to put pics from my cellphone onto the laptop… and i have a picture i want to share- and i need to lighten my ~memory~ so i can take more pictures, especially of BB’s baby boy- who is so cute we may keep him– only to put him to use two years from now…

    BB will… i repeat WILL… swallow a hat if allowed to keep it in her mouth. No matter how i turn, she snatches it off’n my head and this time she kept chewing and i freaked out and my husband caught her head and reached down to pull it out. Not recommended doing, btw- as cows have sharp, strong teeth &grinding urges, he was quick and forceful. I’m really glad- BB can’t digest a touque, i don’t think.

    Thinking of everyone and missing you…

  4. Icepick said,

    Karen, it’s random observations, so by definition you can’t be off topic!

    Also, glad to hear that the nonsense is over in Boston.

  5. karen said,

    i know- thank God.
    It’s being said the older brother was checked out by the FBI in 2010?
    Guess they faux pas’d that, didn’t they?

  6. mockturtle said,

    If anyone is in doubt [or as naive as some media pundits seem to be] about the worldwide intent of Islamic jihad, they should go back and read, or reread, the Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Looming Tower, by Lawrence Wright which came out after 9/11 and gives us a fascinating–and frightening–account of the seeds of Islamic terror and the goals of jihad.

    Be not deceived. Seeming assimilation into American culture is a guise for many. Whether or not they are terrorists, most Muslims look to the goal of a worldwide caliphate. These are not ‘evil people’ from their own perspective. It would pay us to learn a bit more of their perspective.

    Having known and dated a Kuwaiti when I was a college student in the 1960’s and gotten to know his friends and cousins, I can attest to the congeniality and kindness of so many Middle-easterners here in our country as students, physicians and scientist. But I’m not naive about their overall intent.

  7. mockturtle said,

    I might add that I have worked with many Muslim scientists and physicians, as well. Very nice people but we don’t talk about Israel.

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