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March 23, 2013 at 3:02 pm (By Ron)


My Twitter Name!  My WordPress Name!  In beads!  Oh, the glorious things the state does to get me affirming life again and again!

Things will be coming to a head sooner rather than later…uh oh…so far, not so good!

A close friend of mine lost a close friend of hers when, due to several major disasters in his life, he decided to end his own life.   He sent her a long good bye letter and a $10K check.  Everyday I talk to her to try and make her feel better…in a place not friendly to complex, serious conversation.

The KngFish is in the gym!  Just started…but when I can get a camera in there, I will send sweaty, manly photos.

No matter what the situation, Coffee Will Triumph, and KngFish will find the best ‘fine around!  This I do swear!


More soon!


  1. chickelit said,

    Ron, That’s terrible about your friend but you are there for her which is very menschlich of you.

  2. karen said,

    Beads!! i like the beads:0).

    I am always so saddened when someone decides to leave this world-
    seemingly on their own terms- but, i don’t believe that. It’s never our own terms. i think of Randy, who never never gave up- he would have loved an extra day to be w/friends… and then some who are given just that… i don’t know why they choose to throw it all away.

    I feel so badly for your friend- but, if she can- please help her see that this was a decision made w/out her and that… she can only pray for him. We journey onward- death, the Doorway.

    Keep your chin up, Ron. Can’t wait for the shots of the new and improved Kngfish. We’re praying for you up here in the freezing cold and snow.

  3. karen said,

    This is hope for the world. For some strange reason, i’m still crying. I think it’s due to the raw talent of young men and the promises w/in. Amazing!!!

  4. karen said,

    I hope everyone had a happy Easter- if that is what one does.
    Mine was so nice- my son came home from college even though he’s leaving tomorrow. We sang all my favorite songs @Mass:0).
    ~Roll Away the Stone~ a capella, but w/out the bass.

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