On the road to….

January 28, 2013 at 12:35 am (By Ron)

I just thought I’d put a post to thank you to all the people who’ve been supportive to me through a really, really rough time of my life, starting with our bloggeress.  I’m going to try and keep connected as best I can until I get settled in a semi permanent way, where, like MacArthur,  I will return.

Never forget how grateful and appreciative I am to you all, and some of you, even more intensely.



  1. chickelit said,

    When you land, I hope you’ll post here or Fluffy Stuffin’ because I never check Twitter anymore.

    I’m sure you’ll wade ashore again soon–old bloggers never fade away–they just stop posting.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Annie Gottlieb said,

    Love you, man.

  3. Icepick said,

    Good luck, Ron.

  4. T.T. Burnett said,

    Good luck, Ron. We’re pulling for you.

  5. Melinda said,

    Ron, good luck! I hope everything works out.

  6. wj said,

    Good luck and God speed, Ron.

  7. karen said,

    If you could know how proud of you that i am-
    2 quote my favorite bear:

    ~Believe in yourself:
    you are BRAVER than
    you Believe…
    STRONGER Than You
    & Smarter Than You

    Lots of love and prayers- Maeve just asked where you’ll be
    so let us know- and she says she’s been thinking of you today.
    Graces abound!!!

  8. karen said,

    Are you well, Ron?

  9. kngfish said,

    I am ok for the moment….food: terrible, and I’ve been sleeping on the floor. This changes tonight with a bed, but if I am to work again I must get out and have more internet access than the trudge through the snow to, here, the library. So I’m holding on, but I will be consumed by the inertia of it all if I don’t move on soon. Again, much love and thanks for thinking of me! :)

  10. mockturtle said,

    Wishing the very best for you, Ron!! :-) Hugs and prayers!

  11. chickelit said,

    Happy belated birthday, Ron!

  12. dani said,

    good luck ron!

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