Amba and I make new cars….

December 7, 2012 at 10:18 pm (By Amba, By Ron)

So, I was chatting with our bloggeress who mentioned she had rented a Honda Odyssey, and I wondered aloud why Honda had not made the Honda Iliad while they were at it….and we took off from there….

Toyota Aeneid

Plymouth Decameron

Volvo Vedas

Ford Inferno

Mercury Paradiso


but why limit it to cars?

Mazda Xanax

Toyota Celexca

Rolls-Royce Rogaine

Volvo Viagra
Ford Ambien
Plymouth Prozac

Lotus Lithium


  1. amba12 said,

    This is the sort of post that invites further contributions. One of mine was the Volvo Valhalla. (The Yugo Yggdrasil?)

    The Toyota Prion also came to mind . . . something that might be driven by the evil villain in a superhero movie . . .

  2. Icepick said,

    The Volvo Vulva?

  3. Icepick said,

    The Volvo Uvula!

    The Yugo Uvula.

  4. chickelit said,

    Years ago, I tried out some car names at Victoria’s blog.

    They were very seasonal: link

  5. karen said,

    Ford Infernal?

  6. mockturtle said,

    Why not medical conditions?

    Ford Reflux
    Jeep Sciatica
    Dodge Tinnitus
    Honda Paresis

  7. kngfish said,

    There’s a great ’70’s prison movie about the rebellion of prisoners with lower back pain complaining about the non ergonomic chairs and benches in their cells…..The scene where they gather in the yard and chant as one, “Sciatica! Sciatica! Sciatica!’? Chilling….

    Remember my GoFundMe site if you can, and soon! As I under the gun…. [this plug brought to you by the ‘KngFishes Don’t wish to freeze to death in the snow’ committee’]

  8. mockturtle said,

    Kngfish, I would love dearly to help fund you but I’m barely making ends meet, myself. My husband’s nursing home bills pretty well clean us out. Hope and pray you get some assistance! I don’t want to think of your frozen body lying motionless on the sidewalk somewhere. God bless!

  9. kngfish said,

    mockturtle, you have a good point! Why waste a good freezing to death? Maybe I can become a professional speed bump! Enough helium, some LED panels along the gut….a newer, cheaper blimp, though I would insist on zeppelin status….

    Very sorry for your husband’s nursing home bills….I have several friends in that boat, so I commiserate. God bless to you as well!

  10. karen said,

    Is there any state funding available, Ron?
    Moving and losing your home doesn’t mean you have to freeze.
    Only my humble observation.
    You may not get exactly what you want- your home of 27 yrs, but you may-by letting go- gain something better in the future.

    It sounds like sunshine shit and pink-wing-ed ponies, i know.
    I do know what it means to lose your home(my x of many yrs ago basically kicked me and our two kids out, but i did have parents that took me in(for a month)’til i could find a job(shoveling cow poop and milking Jerseys- what else!!)& find another place to live. It all sucked- then- but, thems the stones of pavement to my destiny of today. Not easy– easier than your road, but don’t commit yourself to frozen bumpiness just yet. Search out the options– there have got to be options.

    As for the Fund- i would rather send something to you direct- i talked to my husband and he’s fine w/that. I have no credit card(couldn’t imagine managing one)and our next ck is the 10th. Could i get your address from amba?

    Also- i think maybe there is a bairn somewhere in the vicinity of my womb.
    I have to get the stick to pee on, but it’s suspiciously looking like that, so i’ll keep you updated.

    Life and death- can’t say it’s not a trip, this world, eh?

  11. karen said,

    Ford Bromie–it loses some of it’s magnificence in translation.
    If i’m correct, a bromie is Australian for a wild horse of suspicious genetics(a mutt).

  12. kngfish said,

    Karen, you can always ask Amba for my address…. or you could email me at, and I’ll pass it along.

    If you need to keep funds for wee tykes….I get it!

    “Bromie” sounds like “Bromide” or an older term for Alka Selzer!

  13. karen said,

    No– we can match ~anonymous~.
    It could be menopause(;0)), but i don’t think so.

    I think the word is brumbie(nope, sp ck says ~Umbriel~, which sounds like an name for an Angel-lol).

    It’s not funny, anymore- i type, as i chuckle.

  14. amba12 said,

    Oh Karen, I hope.

  15. mockturtle said,

    Exciting possibility, Karen! :-)

  16. karen said,

    Every day that goes by convinces me more and more.

    Man, my mom will be so peeved, to say the least. I come from a family(on my Dad’s side)that always had about 10-12 kids. I’m not exactly young, anymore and the age difference between our oldest to ~this one~(?) would be… 21yrs. Yet, i admit to feeling- pretty freaking excited about new life& it’s so funny- @ Mass every Sunday- we pray for expectant and new mothers and i wonder– is that me, Lord?

    Maybe my imagination is getting carried away w/my body- i have heard about mimicking hormones that trick the body into assuming pregnancy.
    Pretty sure tomorrow i will find out. It sounds easy to pick up a stick, but i think i’m procrastinating:0).

  17. » Classic motor cars said,

    […] Some of these chassis require ancient Greece: […]

  18. mockturtle said,

    […] Some of these chassis require ancient Greece: […]


  19. mockturtle said,

    Karen: We’re waiting anxiously. :-)

  20. karen said,

    Haven’t bought the test, yet. Which isn’t as easy as you might believe, but today i have to go shopping- so, i’ll let you know.

  21. karen said,

    The stick says: No.
    3months w/out nary a visitor- i thought it was… interesting.
    Thought i felt nauseous- fat.
    I’ll probably feel those things, still.


    I’ll work on the fat part:0).

  22. mockturtle said,

    I don’t know how old you are but could you be pre-menopausal? Also, have you had a recent pelvic exam? Symptoms of ovarian cancer can include a bloated feeling. Not trying to scare you but I had ovarian cancer in my 20’s. Hope you’re not too disappointed about the lack of pregnancy. Just consider how old you would be when he/she was a teenager. ;-)

  23. karen said,

    No- i haven’t had a pap in about two yrs- i’m soon-2-be 46.
    Not disappointed, but- not happy?

    Guess i’ll call the doc:0).
    Ovarian cancer is nothing to sneeze at- you are a miracle, mockT.

  24. mockturtle said,

    Yep. It was picked up early in a routine exam. It was inside a cyst. I’m very blessed. :-)

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