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November 7, 2012 at 12:54 am (By Amba)



  1. Icepick said,

    I’m not sure I buy that. Seriously, food stamp usage has gone up by something like 14,000,000 since the recovery started. And America just voted for more of that. At that rate of growth fully 20% of Americans will be on food stamps by the end of his second term. And remember, I’m just talking about what happened since the recovery began in June of 2009. The rate of increase hasn’t really slowed since then. If we have any kind of worsening of the economy those numbers will just get worse faster.

    And this is what your fellow Americans don’t just want, they demand it.

  2. Icepick said,

    Besides, Obama is against the sun. Last night he spoke about the need to cool the Earth. In other words, all those coal miners that voted against him are about to get theirs.

  3. mockturtle said,

    I feel like an orphan, Annie.

  4. karen said,

    Are we all VT, now?

    I shake my head- in disbelief- that someone can look *you(well, not me-surely) in the face, lie– and it’s bought. Fine. This is what America wants– f’king fine. He’d better be sure to blame the mistakes on the guy who handled the country the four yrs prior to this next four yrs.

    Today, you could say- i’m a bitter, bitter clinger and all i have for solace are my cows, my husband and my faith. Oh- i’ll get over it. Melancholy colouring clashes w/my hair.

    Along w/Claire McCaskill and the Warren chick w/the Cherokee cheekbones, eh?


  5. amba12 said,

    The thing about getting older is that four years goes by pretty fast. We still have that great thing, DIVIDED GOVERNMENT. And the Republican party will, hopefully, get smarter. Mitt Romney was an awful candidate. His reversals of position made it seem as if NO ONE could trust him because no one knew where (if anywhere) he really stood. Conservatives have to figure out how to build conservative values into a changing world. It has to be less about certain groups and more about certain values. And in the private realm those values have to be communicated by persuading and inspiring people.

  6. Icepick said,

    Amba, Obama was an awful candidate. he didn’t talk about his record at all.; instead he had his campaign call Romney a felon and a tax cheat. he accused Romney of allowing people to get cancer and die. He spoke of Big Bird and lardy parts, but not of dead Ambassadors. I almost choked last night when Obama celebrated Romney’s charitable giving, as Obama and his people had excoriated Romney for doing so during the campaign. (Romney should have just given it to the government. How DARE he give money on his own without government assistance!)

    Four years is a long time. I had the realization a little while ago that as of November 1st I have been out of work longer than I was ever employed at any one single job. My longest career stint is now officially as an unemployed person. This is the victory all the Obama fans are celebrating today. It’s the grave of my middle class status they’re dancing on.

    This election was about one thing: The government now gives away enough goodies to enough people that giving away goodies to people is now the only thing the electorate cares about. Romney’s 47% comment was prophetic, except that it’s very close to 50% in actuality.

  7. amba12 said,

    That “goodies” thing is the standard sour-grapes conservative line — it’s all those government-tit-sucking spongers — but I think the social-conservative impulse to legislate private choices (a different thing from not wanting to pay for other people’s private choices, which I agree with) and the hard line on immigration — and Hurricane Sandy — made the difference, which wasn’t, after all, THAT big a difference.. I suspect a majority of voters would have gone for fiscal sanity without those other factors. Yoking them together is what took down the GOP — IMO. That and Mitt Romney’s “all things to all and nothing to nobody”ness.

    They were both lousy candidates. When the president started orating last night, repeating what worked for him in 2004 after 8 years of dirty water under the bridge, I was like, “Oh, shut up, Barack.” I voted for Gary Johnson, and would’ve liked to vote for Chris Christie.

  8. karen said,

    “Conservatives have to figure out how to build conservative values into a changing world.”

    I don’t believe this is possible. How the hell is this possible?

    I try every day to try and find a way to explain why i feel as i do. ESPECIALLY about abortion. TIME asks: is circumcision morally wrong?
    Abortion is a personal choice.

    There’s a picture of a baby’s fist reaching from the womb and touching the hand of the surgeon operating(on what, idk). The caption i would use to describe this picture is: FYI: Not Your Body.

    This culture we have today- is broken, where for yrs the values that were my parents, my grandparents- they are somehow backward because advancement and intelligence is so much greater now. Yeah- right.
    I watched 3 video interviews of Margret Sanger w/Mike Wallace and this is what i’m talking about and it was decades ago.

    I’m backward. I don’t fit and i’m seriously tired of trying.

    I really think i quit. At least, i wish it were so.

  9. karen said,

    Baby’s Hand Reaches out of the Womb
    Baby Samuel Reaching out of the Womb. One of the most amazing photographs that you’ll ever see — is this picture of Samuel, a 21-week old baby boy, whose tiny hand reaches out of the womb and grabs the finger of the surgeon who was …

    Thing is– the hand existed from conception– it’s our own imagination that has limits.

  10. amba12 said,

    Karen, not even all religions agree to the extent that early abortions (or birth control) can be legally banned. In Judaism the mother’s life and circumstances take precedence until quickening. Granted they did not know then what we know now (thanks to science). What needs to happen in this realm is education and persuasion. That has already happened to some extent. But there is too much disagreement on the matter — you can’t, in a democracy, have law reaching into the womb in the first trimester. You can practice and, yes, preach what you believe, and I believe you will save more lives than by going for criminalization, which causes backlash.

    You may remember that I wrote in my own essay on abortion that the law wouldn’t have stopped me from having one, but the culture could have.

  11. Icepick said,

    Amba, it was simple: Do you want four more years like the last four years? The electorate decided that was exactly what they wanted. They want four more years of the highest unemployment since the end of WWII. (The current official number is masked by a massive drop in participation: The real unemployment number has been over 10% for years now.) They want four more years of declining income. (Income has dropped more during Obama’s recovery than it did during the technical recession.)

    That’s it. They decided they want THIS. So fuck ’em. They voted for more ruination for me and millions like me. Everyone that voted for Barry 0 can go to Hell. I hope they all burn. Because that’s what they want for me and mine.

  12. Spud said,

    Karen, do you know that more Catholic’s voted for Obama than they did for Romney? The Latino Catholic vote was over 70%. Not everyone equates making abortion illegal with “pro-life.” For me, I’m tickled pink that Romney did not win.

  13. karen said,

    Yes, spud- very aware and quite ashamed.
    The culture wins.

    Amba- i didn’t say that there could never be concessions(if that’s the correct word)on abortion. It’s just that- and i think i heard Ryan say this, exactly during his VP debate w/the other Catholic- everyone pro-abortion/pro-choice(if sensitive to the equation) says they should be safe, rare and some other thing i can’t remember… anyway- they are on demand and open to no discussion where parental notification is not even necessary, let alone encouraged. I also read that girls are getting BC shots at school w/out parental consent or knowledge. Yeah, family values!!

    As for birth control, i wasn’t touching that cow of worship- that’s not my business even if i don’t agree. That’s pro-choice, as far as i’m concerned even when i believe that life begins at conception. Private. Just don’t want to be forced to use it or have Catholic entities pay/provide it.

    Using an abortion as a form of birth control is- very different, in my eyes. Funny how an unborn child rests below the heart of his Mother- comforted by the beat of her heart. God must have thought that very safe. At one time. Now look at us.

    As for the culture being conducive to an abortion or the voice of opposition muted and weak @ the time of your decision- well, i don’t see how the culture has in anyway gotten better or changed- except for the availability of sonograms. 4D even, i’ve heard. Would that make a difference? I know i can’t say, but when people are convinced of something– it would take… an act of God to change someone’s mind. And since i feel that pregnancy is pretty much that- well, what would it really take, then?

    Spud, now you can be code pink, like your fave female, Cindy Sheehan.
    Lucky you9(w/no trace of sarcasm, you know).

    On a lighter note, the bobtail we adopted is playing w/a little fake mouse and crying. Hhmmm. He’s a natural, but why is he vocal about it?

  14. karen said,

    Ice- it’s over. Done- and we’ve got four more yrs, or maybe they’ll impeach Obama for what happened in Bengazi.

    One can pray for justice.

    It’s a very upside down world.

  15. mockturtle said,

    and would’ve liked to vote for Chris Christie

    Me too!!! :-)

  16. mockturtle said,

    maybe they’ll impeach Obama for what happened in Bengazi.

    Surely you wouldn’t want Joe Biden as president! :-O

  17. karen said,

    :0) Sure- let it rain, mockT!
    Honestly, he is the 2nd in line-
    isn’t that what America voted for?

    Amba, i hope all is settling back down where you are?
    Have you found Mel, anywhere?

  18. amba12 said,

    Yes, Melinda is alive and well and snarking on Facebook!

  19. Rod said,

    I cannot know this was intentional, but orphan Annie’s dog is named “Sandy.”

  20. amba12 said,

    The Sandy part was quite intentional (note the hurricane eyes), the Annie part coincidental.

  21. Spud said,

    Karen, I don’t like Code Pink, PETA and 9/11 truther’s. I’m a capitalistic dairy farmer, not a leftist. You’re the radical my friend.
    Oh, and one other thing. Pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion.

  22. karen said,

    “Oh, and one other thing. Pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion.”

    Just like not voting this election cycle because one couldn’t stomach either candidate didn’t help Obama win.

    Pro-Choice is a cop out, spud.

    Because the body sucked out of the womb is a being unto him/herself.

    Just ask Gianna Jessen. She’s one of the ones that ~got away~.

  23. karen said,

    Don’t know if this will link, but this about sums it all up:

    “Really clever American voters stick with Obama’s failed status quo”

    By ANDREW MALCOLMPosted 11/07/2012 09:02 AM ET

    Read More At IBD: http://news.investors.com/politics-andrew-malcolm/110712-632498-mitt-romney-speech-obama-speech-chris-christie-fail.htm#ixzz2BdtB6OC6

    Via Instapundit.

  24. karen said,

    And this-same guy via:


    Sorry to be such a pain, but- you know- it’s kinda therapeutic to pluck these plums and share:0). Not that all partake of the plums.

    So thankful Melinda is doing well- i was worried.

  25. mockturtle said,

    Amba, I applaud your voting your conscience. That’s what I did four years ago. Until we get a viable third party, my enthusiasm for elections is pretty weak. :-(

  26. karen said,

    Thursday, November 8, 2012
    Time to realize what you voted for. Update: Instalanche!
    Update: Thanks to Instapundit for the link. Welcome, Instalanche!

    For ice- hope it links.

  27. mockturtle said,

    Red herring, anyone? If the real reason Petraeus resigned is the extramarital affair, I’ll eat my stocking cap. He just didn’t want to testify before the committee hearing on Benghazi next week [or someone didn’t want him to]. Will the deception never end?

  28. amba12 said,

    Supposedly the woman is his biographer/. There is the question of this connection, which, if there is indeed any connection (there may not be), surfaced 2 months before Benghazi.

  29. mockturtle said,

    Oh, sure, they’ve known about this since they started working together. But they only invoked it now. After the election. Before the hearings. Perhaps I’ve become too cynical. ;-)

  30. mockturtle said,

    The FBI collects dirt on everyone of prominence [remember MLK?] in case the administration needs to use it as leverage.

    JFK used this leverage with a free hand, assisted by his brother, the Attorney General.

  31. karen said,

    So- was she in the know? Did she realize she could be the collateral used against the General- and did so w/the blessing of the WH?

    To move cynical into a higher dimension- was Patreaus framed?

    ps- heard Obama may let us ~go over the cliff~.
    I think i’m ready for that.

  32. mockturtle said,

    was Patreaus framed?

    I think that’s a good possibility.

  33. karen said,

    He’s still a disappointing asshole for cheating on his wife– compromising the United States of America, not w/standing.

    … or, something.

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