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October 28, 2012 at 7:09 pm (Icepick) (, , , , , , )

For those eager to discuss politics I have a few posts with observations of the Orange County, Florida political landscape over at my place. I kept at the political yard sign counting in an effort to gauge the political intensity of the Presidential race down here. Since we’re in the swing part of a swing state it actually has some relevance! (Short version: I believe but am not certain that Romney will win Orange County and Florida. Some of the latest polling agrees with that assessment.)

Anyway, I try to avoid politics over here, but not over there. So if that’s what you want please feel free to join in. I’ll be posting about how I’m going to vote soon as well. I’ve been in the Attila the Hun American camp but I’m wavering.

And the REALLY good news is we’ve only got about nine more days of this crap. After the election we’ll get some fresh Hell to blight our political landscape.


  1. karen said,

    You’re a good egg, ice!!

    Hope everyone is fairing well due to Sandy? In spite of, should i say?

  2. karen said,

    ok- full disclosure:
    i am not understanding the blogger~ thing- just like i don’t get the linky thingie, either. When i was in high school, we were learning computer programing and i sucked at that, too. So many stupid steps and the only way i ever passed was because i cheated, albeit not in the conventional way. Nope- i just started at the bottom and worked my way up.

    How messed up is that? Is that a left-handed thing, too?

    Consequently, i can’t leave a comment in the Kitchen Drawer. Same as why i never leave a comment at Althouse, but i think i’d get swallowed up, there. Her’s i just want to one-line = my initial reaction to an Althouse post, i love doing that. THEN, i read everyone else s comments:0).

    So, all i was going to say was:
    1) The Republican contender for Governor in VT
    is the way better man- who just happens to be
    black. Way better morally(judgmentally called by moi)
    way better intellectually- and way better in Wisdom.
    2) What about Bengazi, eh? Wonder if this is a fire
    factor for you, ice. As in– setting a fire in your belly
    and under your feet to get Obama out?
    3) Hillary is toast. Now- and forever. Amen.

    Bad things happen in 3s– Maeve’s little rooster died.
    His name was Chewy(can you imagine a little banty
    rooster named Chewy? I have no idea why- chickens
    are a very difficult creature for me to comprehend.

  3. Icepick said,

    If the Sandy comment was directed at me, then it had no real impact. We had a lot of wind, blew a lot of loose branches out of trees, but really no worse than a typical spring storm. We didn’t get a lot of rain here in my part of the state, unfortunately. I was hoping the yard would get one good soaking before the dry season.

    Sandy has sucked up a lot of warm weather with her, so we’re going to get a little chilly weather (for Florida) over the next few days. Highs in the low 70s, lows around 50.

    And yes, Benghazi has me all fired up.

  4. mockturtle said,

    And the REALLY good news is we’ve only got about nine more days of this crap.

    Amen to that, Ice!!

  5. Rod said,

    Very few yard signs in Las Vegas. The polls give Obama a slight edge here, but the lack of enthusiasm among Obama supporters is notable.

  6. karen said,

    Rod as in – ROD???? Rodjean Rod- :0) HEY!!

    I thought Obama got all of his Vegas votes covered on Sept 12,’12?

  7. karen said,

    Via Instapundit:

    “BENGHAZI-GATE: COVERUP FOR CIA GUN-RUNNING IN SYRIA?: As more and more leaks develop about Benghazi, an intriguing theory is emerging: That Ambassador Stevens was involved in recruiting Al Qaeda jihadists–and providing them weaponry–to fight Assad’s regime in Syria. If true, this could provide some context for an Obama Administration motive to cover up and deny military aid to Stevens and his colleagues at the consulate compound.”

    So, if this is true– would this be H2Ogate and IranContra– all rolled into one?

  8. Icepick said,

    I’ve added a post on past electoral college results. The short version is that if Obama wins re-election with fewer electoral votes than he got in 2008, he’ll be bucking history. He’s not going to get anywhere near the 365 votes he got last time.

    The only two Presidents that haven’t done better in their second win than there first were James Madison in 1812, just a few months after the outbreak of the War of 1812, and Woodrow Wilson, who benefited in his first election by running against a Republican Party at war with itself.

  9. karen said,

    I should fix my above reply that says our Repub gubernatorial(heh-guber, i had to sp/ck this one and have been pronouncing this word foreverly wrong)isn’t morally superior- how would i know? He seems ethically superior- that way i am not being judgmental and sounding like i can see someone’s soul. I can’t.

    Wind is starting to pick up out there- and the kids have 2days off’n school.

    Amba? Are you safe?

    Is everyone safe?

  10. karen said,

    I’m going to try something… hang on…


    It sorta worked, it’s not blue, though. Anchoress has so much info right now about Bengazi. Do you know that the average Joe has no know about Bengazi– and who really is in charge when it comes to the decisions about what went on.

    I’m karen- and i’m no joe.
    Just occurred to me what else rhymes w/that– and i will state now-
    I’m not one of THOSE, either:0).

  11. karen said,


    IT’S BLUE!!!!!

  12. Icepick said,

    Karen, I’ve heard that Annie is doing well, via my wife’s facebook page. They’re starting to turn off power in lower Manhattan because of flooding in Battery Park. Last I heard Annie still had power.

    All y’all up there in the way need to stay safe.

  13. mockturtle said,

    Thanks, Ice! I was glad to be able to relay that information to some other concerned friends.

  14. Donna B. said,

    Annie just now posted again to Facebook saying subway damaged. I just want everyone to be OK so they can complain about no subway service!

  15. karen said,

    She’s in NYC, 2.


    So far, Sandy seems to have skipped us- the sun is even shining on the hill across the way from us- in the pasture. Maybe we’ll get lucky. We didn’t even have much wind to speak of during the night,

  16. mockturtle said,

    Annie lost power last night [learned from another web site] and got a message out on her phone that she is OK.

  17. Icepick said,

    Annie reports that the sun has come out.

  18. karen said,

    Found this for perspective, but it may not link:

    WaPo: Bush “substantiated by intelligence” – UPDATED
    June 9, 2008 By Elizabeth Scalia

    What a long, strange trip it’s been, and here, some years later, we finally get someone in the press to tell it straight: Bush did not lie.

    I can’t connect the stinky dots. They are there- they sometimes glow blue, but i cannot make the connection:0(.

  19. karen said,

    So, i’m desperately creeping on Brunobaby– two new-ish blogs and twitter…and all are very old entries.

    Where the hell is she? Anybody know?

  20. Icepick said,

    I just heard that the power is back on in the East Village for about 67,000 people. I’m guessing that Annie must be in the West Village, else we would have heard from her.

  21. Icepick said,

    Via facebook I’ve heard that Annie got power back before 5 this morning.

  22. karen said,

    Thank God.
    Amba, did you stay in your apt the whole time?
    Has anyone heard from Melinda?

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