Gaps in time

August 30, 2012 at 2:42 pm (Icepick)

The other night my wife noted something remarkable. “Do you realize that men walking on the Moon is more distant in time to Cat [our daughter] than WWII is to me?”

She’s right. WWII ended in 1945, she was born in 1971. Men last walked on the Moon in 1972, Cat was born in 2010. Incredible!

(I was born in 1968, BTW.)


  1. kngfish said,

    I have a unit of time I call “No Major Power War”, which we are living in now. It dates back to 1945, so it’s 67 years ago at the moment.

    Oh, don’t don’t get me wrong there have been plenty of wars since 1945, but the major powers have not directly squared off since 1945….close, (Cuban Missle Crisis) or through proxies (Korea, Vietnam) but not directly. That’s pretty unusual for human history….

  2. lehg said,

    I get this. I was born in 1961, and my son was born in 2000. And I have exceptionally early memories, and an exceptionally early continuous memory start point. Also, I met relatives, and I can remember meeting them, who were born before–and in a few cases quite a bit before–the start of even the 20th century. It’s a profound thing, such realization.

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