Ron’s Superhero Surrealism

July 8, 2012 at 10:19 pm (By Amba, By Ron)

Tell me this e-mail I just got from Ron (posted here with his permission) wouldn’t make a great graphic novel:

so Ron falls asleep….and Ron dreams…..

My friend Annie calls me(!) from NYC to say almost tearfully “I have no coffee and can’t get out of my apartment.”

I go to the web page of my blog, Fluffy Stuffin, “reach into the screen” and make an orange and brown paper airplane through folding…so I can get to NYC by riding it….

When I get to the West Village, I see the whole block is getting that blue and white and grey hue like Ambiance.  I go through a nettle of “id verification” pages to find you stuck and working….I take some of your finished pages and somehow are able to form them into building-like materials.  I go to the window and make the Platonic Form of the Coffee House In The Sky, and a path from your place to it, hovering above NYC.  I take your phone, and arrange for Bix Biderbecke to meet you for coffee.  I go with you, but not until I raid my various weapons caches below 14th street and sit nearby in the coffee house, filling shotguns, loading clips into automatic weapons….you leave Bix for a second and ask me why I’m doing this….I say that I am heading to Soho looking for a painting to buy, and that I would meet you later at the High Line….

When I do, I have taken a round or two (with bandages!) and have spent all my ammunition, but I have the painting I wanted….You take it from me and sort of “press it” into my back, telling me that’s what editors do….

We then take this pair of giant bubble wands and with a solution of bubble soap, cotton candy and catnip make a “walking tunnel” alongside the High Line… for cats..

Then I went back home!

I even sort of remember my assault on the art gallery….half John Woo, half Woody Allen.  Oh!  I just now remember you “telling” me that NYC has way funnier Jews than Woody Allen! (while I’m in some crazy gun battle!)
This is how my noggin works….


I’m so jealous.  I hardly dream, or remember dreams, at all anymore.  Ironically, I’m just now in the process of trying to cut back on caffeine to see if that makes any difference.  So did Ron pick up on my jonesing for coffee and blazon it into the dream I can’t have?  Ron, could you please fly here on your paper rescue airplane and bring me some dreams?


  1. kngfish said,

    You’ve always intrigued me with how feldenkrais works; I guess what I do with “dreams” is they same thing….just let yourself fall, watch how you do it, don’t judge it, just watch it….make a fool of yourself if you need to.

    And your whole post about taste connects here too! Have a feeling about something as strong as you have a sense of taste about something…..

    Not that this does me a damn bit of good!

  2. Icepick said,

    Not that this does me a damn bit of good!

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL, said the mad man….

  3. gln8849 said,

    Used to dream like that in the 60’s with a little help from friends

  4. amba12 said,

    Heh . . .

    It’s a terrible feeling not to remember dreams.

  5. mockturtle said,

    To sleep, perchance to dream. I dream too much, if anything and remember much of the dream when I first awake and usually forget it after arising. Many, if not most, involve a healthy Derek and we are involved in various adventures, sometimes in England. The dreams cause me anxiety even though they are not nightmares, as such.

    ‘They’ say dreams are our brain’s way of sorting out our everyday problems but I never feel ‘sorted out’ in the morning. More like ‘out of sorts’. Thankfully, I’ve always been an early riser and feel much better when I’m up and at ’em.

    Yep, Ron pens a charming narrative. Maybe I’ll start reading his blog.

  6. Icepick said,

    It’s a terrible feeling not to remember dreams.

    depends on the dreams, depends on the dreamer.

  7. amba12 said,

    I’d even welcome a nightmare at this point, just to know what (if anything) is going on down there. (I’m sometimes aware that I’m dreaming but most or all of it slips away as soon as I wake up.)

  8. LouiseM said,

    It’s a terrible feeling not to remember dreams.

    Yes, and it’s worse yet not to have them happening. The culprit in my case was sleep apnea. I knew I snored some of the time when tired, but was surprised when the sleep study revealed seventy incidents an hour were preventing me from entering REM stage sleep. With CPAP therapy, the opportunity to dream was thankfully restored. My dreams are now so vivid, I keep paper and pencil by the bed.

    Whatever your situation, I hope you’ll soon find your dreams and/or your recall of them returning.

  9. amba12 said,

    Huh! I don’t think that’s the case with me (though I don’t know). My guess is it’s too much caffeine and not enough sleep, through a combination of staying up late and hypervigilant early-morning awakening — patterns I haven’t shed from caregiving days.

  10. karen said,

    “Then I went back home!”

    I’m HOME!!! Man, i was homesick the 1st night. Ready to go home and not much fun, i’m sorry to say. But, i rallied the next morning w/a cuppa Green Mountain coffee:0).

    We spent one day @ the beach and are lobsters, so we packed up this am, checked out @ 9:30& were so happy to hit the NH line- why does it take such less time(mentally)to reach home than to get to a wayward destination?

    I was enthralled w/Crawford Pass in NH- the mountains were amazing- very different from our mountains. I thought it made our mts look like baby hills, but now i realize(on the trip home)that the beauty is just different and that you never know what you have until you spend time away from it– or when it’s gone. Looking @ our mts w/a more critical eye- i am so thankful. They feel like flannel– like a warm, worn bathrobe– like love.

    So, we all managed to not maim e/other- and are all still on speaking terms. I learned how to sell a chicken to a deaf man… ~CHICKEN!!!!!!~ :0).

    On the dreaming post, i wake early, and when i fall back asleep, i dream. Early morning vivid dreams, a lot like mockT’s– and we are supposed to keep a pencil and paper to chart(log)our dreams– it gets us in the habit to remember. I read that vitamin B6 for a few days enhances dreams. I think it’s B6- that’s via Women’s World- so who really knows?

    My husband sounds like he has Louise’s issues- he doesn’t dream– or, if so- rarely.

    Go, Ron!!!!

  11. amba12 said,

    Welcome home, Karen — pull those mountains around your shoulders and snuggle down.

    On a flight to NC myself — so tired from shlepping to and around the airport, I fell asleep while we waited our turn to take off and dreamt of a bird called “the tragic and useful palliotes.”

  12. Icepick said,

    Annie, do you ever sit still?!

  13. A said,

    Palliotes? I went chasing after that word and Google in its googly way switched some letters around, first taking me to mitigation and then landing me here:

  14. karen said,

    Wow, A. Sounds like the Holy Spirit is trying to tell amba something!!!!
    Our Motor Inn looked pretty good in the pictures, as well. The experience of the actual– not so good.

    Palliotes- looks like a spun sugar fairy tale. A dream in amba’s memory, too.

  15. karen said,

    Oh- i had wanted to mention that my daughter loaned me a book and both my husband and i are reading it. ~Handle with Care~ by Jodi Picoult. It’s a ~taste~ right up my palate. The content is amazing- and it reads like a game of Cat’s Cradle, a yarn passed between individuals and woven into separate yet connected patterns.

    It’ edible emotion. I’m lapping it right up and crying every chapter.

  16. karen said,

    I finished the Picoult book.
    Loved it– very emotional– wrongful birth issues.
    My husband is reading it now.

  17. karen said,

    Amba– regarding Obama… Krauthammer has an opinion or — 200:0).

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