wasted 25 dollars

June 23, 2012 at 9:05 pm (By Realpc)

I went to the new age store again this morning and asked the sales person if the psychic would be there today. She said yss. I asked again if the psychic, Lacey, really gets information from spirits, rather than asking questions and guessing based on common sense.

“Oh no, she never asks any questions and she really gets the information from spirits, she is wonderful, blah blah blah.”

I found out I could get 15 minutes for $25 so it seemed worth trying, and I came back later.

Lacey smoked cigarettes, INSIDE the new age store which was scented with incense. I happen to hate cigarette smoke but the spirits didn’t tell her that.

She asked what I wanted to focus on, since we only had 15 minutes. I said I would rather let the spirits tell her, since I didn’t want to direct them.

It turned out Lacey sort of knows me, because she has seen me walking and biking a lot. So, with no guidance from me (or the spirits), she went on about how I am so much connected with the earth and the spirit worlds.

She gave me a standard motivational talk about how I also need to connect with people, and to get over the fears I acquired in childhood. I should go in a positive direction, rather than negative, etc.

She stretched all this standard BS out so it would take up most of the 15 minutes.

Finally I told her that I am not a loner who needs to learn how to connect with people. She only assumed that because she saw me walking alone a lot. I said I walk because I like to get exercise and I am busy so most of the time it’s easier to walk by myself.

She said well it’s true that I need to get past the childhood fears, etc. I said yes I already know, and I work on that. I said I really hoped the spirits would tell her things that apply to me and my current situaion, not to almost everyone in the world.

Lacey got offended and said she is not a carnival act and she will not be tested.

The spirits did tell her that I play piano and compose music, and she started tapping her fingers on the table like it was a piano. I said ok that is close, since I play an instrument.

She asked what instrument. I said why can’t the spirits tell you. Again, I heard that she is not a carnival act.

I did not go in there as a skeptic looking to see through the BS. I came in ready to open my soul to the spirits and learn the truth, however scary or hurtful. As the sales person had warned me, that I must be ready to hear the truth.

So as the last minutes ticked away, I told Lacey I really meant to focus on what was happening with my boss at work. Lacey took her best guess — my boss has gone away, become distant? I met her questioning gaze. She had no more guesses.

So finally I told her my boss has been torturing me and I decided to give up and get another job. Lacey said that was a good decision, and she said I will never lack money and God always takes care of me.

Well I hope she is right about that, but I have no reason to believe her about anything.

She said I didn’t have to pay, but I paid anyway, since I will always have abundance in my life.


  1. mockturtle said,

    I’m still waiting for the punch line. ;-)

  2. realpc920 said,

    Well maybe it is no surprise to anyone that the psychic was fake. But after two long conversations with her friend, the woman who works in the store, I expected to be amazed. Actually, it turned out I was amazed — at how naive people can be.

    If I had known beforehand that the psychic was overweight and smokes cigarettes, and that she had often seen me walking or biking, I would never have bet the $25. That kind of person does not understand the concept of walking for exercise. I had to be a weird loner, from her perspective.

    So one more failed psychic experiment. I only try about once every ten years.

  3. mockturtle said,

    Oh, well. Just $25. At least it wasn’t $25,000. :-)

  4. mockturtle said,

    You tried a medium.. maybe next time, you should try a large. [Sorry, couldn’t resist].

  5. realpc920 said,

    This medium was an extra large.

  6. karen said,


    I would never go to a psychic- it’s a bravery thang, for me. I kinda fear them- and it’s against my faith- says so in the Bible:0).

    My MinL- OTOH- mucho into the psycho. It’s her new religion, i fear(she doesn’t go to Mass, anymore). Blames us because we won’t talk to her and make her feel like crap- so, why go and feel like shit?

    Uhhh- ~Offer it up~. Sacrifice the pain of estrangement until you find the courage to do the right thing— like tell the effing Truth so that things can be put to rest. As a Catholic(and i’m sorry i’m on some kind of religious identity thing, lately- i don’t know what’s up w/me?), but- we need the Eucharist(some faithful sheep i am, it took me 3 tries to spell Eucharist correctly!). That’s the whole point of our Mass- and to be faithful for your entire life and then use this lame excuse, among others- to not go anymore? Blaming your son– asking why he is punishing YOU…

    … i just said an Our Father. Every time i find myself hashing out the same old info and getting angry- i say a prayer for my in-laws on their behalf- for forgiveness. And, i suppose- for my own self to continue to ask for the Grace to forgive them. I have to remind myself sometimes- that i have forgiven… it’s the forgettin’ part that trips me up.

    I’m sure there are some psychics that have a Gift. Who am i to say? Your’s, my dear real– sounds fake:0). A big(underlined)phoney.

    Off to do chores– by myself!!! Sigh- it was so hot the past few nights in the barn, w/1400# of breathing furnace and pissy tails(not too many). Some swing specifically for the face. My husband and daughter are wrapping bales for a neighbour- so… big sigh, again:0).

  7. mockturtle said,

    This medium was an extra large.

    OMG, that’s right! You should have told her, ‘Gee, for a medium, you’re awfully large!’ ;-)

  8. Icepick said,

    You should have told her, ‘Gee, for a medium, you’re awfully large!’

    Hey, if you had spirits talking to you don’t you think you might develop some bad habits too? That’s gotta be stressful….

  9. mockturtle said,

    Yeah, I guess channeling doesn’t burn all that many calories.

  10. realpc920 said,

    She doesn’t have spirits talking to her, at least they wouldn’t talk to her about me.

    I can’t believe I was so stupid and gullible, when I thought I was a skeptic. I guess I was feeling such a need to be told what is really going on in my life.

    The friend who works in the store had me fooled, because she assured me Lacey never asks questions. Well, of course she wouldn’t have to ask her friends questions, because she knows all about them.

    When she gets a new client, like me, then she has to grope around for any information, to get started. Then each time you come back, she has more and more to work with.

    And when she guesses wrong, it’s no big deal because no one is perfect.

    And her advice is all generic spiritual stuff you could get in a five dollar paperback, or for free on the internet.

    And people are paying her a hundred dollars an hour?

    I admit I did like hearing there will always be abundance in my life. It’s hard not to believe someone who tells you stuff like that.

  11. mockturtle said,

    Fortune cookies are cheaper. ;-)

  12. Icepick said,

    I can’t believe I was so stupid and gullible, when I thought I was a skeptic.

    This was a cheap lesson, I wouldn’t beat myself up over it too much. A moderately priced dinner out for most people, or the price of a book. Price-wise just think of it as a bad meal or a lousy book.

  13. realpc920 said,

    All my experiences with psychics have been like this. I hardly ever try. Maybe if she didn’t recognize me as that weird lady who walks? But I think it would have been just as bad anyway.

    When she started telling me that “You can go in a negative direction in this life, or you can go in the positive direction of love and faith. Always take the path towards the good.”

    I guess that’s when I couldn’t take it anymore and had to interrupt her. It’s very easy to burn up 15 minutes, and $25, with amazingly empty nonsense like that.

    And there are people who just love it. Oh, what incredible insight I got from that gifted psychic. I never could have thought of that myself — go toward the good instead of the bad. That’s so profound.

    I mean, an earth worm can figure that out. Go towards good, go away from bad.

  14. Icepick said,

    I’ve had people give me that kind of advice and think they’ve done me a profound favor by gracing me with their wisdom.

  15. karen said,

    I admit I did like hearing there will always be abundance in my life. It’s hard not to believe someone who tells you stuff like that.”

    Hell, i thought that’s what we were here for!!

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