“There’s nobody left!”

June 3, 2012 at 4:12 pm (By Ron)

Is this serious?  Nope!  It is a bit NSFW (and loud!) but I’ve been getting laughs with this…..  I love the very last line.


  1. Melinda said,

    Love it. Their videos are as funny as anything Andy Samberg did for SNL.

  2. louisemowder said,

    What is it with young women and ukeleles? Last night’s SNL repeat featured Zooey Deschanel, the example par excellance , of Cute Young Woman, singing a song and playing a ukelele.

    The last person I know who played the ukelele was my grandfather, who’d been quite a personable on-stage crooner in the 1920s. Is it because they don’t require a lot of training? or because they are small and don’t block your breasts?, the way guitars do?

  3. karen said,

    ~gasping between guffaws, w/tears in eyes~

    I am definitely NOT supposed to love shit like that– so, why do i?
    Good Lord, it is so funny!

    I think i saw a girl singing a Shakespearean play w/a(n) ukelele on Althouse, once. Very good, too.

    Ukelele would be a cool name for a cow:0).

  4. kngfish said,

  5. Melinda said,

    LOL! Didn’t know that style came in uke.

    Here’s one of my favorite ukelele-ists:

  6. karen said,

    “Living in the sunlight- loving in the moonlight- having a wonderful time!~

  7. Icepick said,

    “That is not an upgrade.


    Also, this seems like it ought to be a song somewhere in the middle of a Sondheim musical….

  8. LouiseM said,

    Truth and illusion.

    Fun post and videos. Seeing and hearing Tiny Tim again, fluting, clucking and presenting (having??) having his own unique brand of a wonderful time was a treat that brought a smile.

    The 29/31 sketch brought back to mind the “Life is difficult” line from Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. Recalling the feelings and awareness I had when I first read those words prompted me to look up the date the book was written. 1978. Which means I was in my 20’s trying to sing my own song, hoping for tulips and encountering cow pies!

    @Karen… More potential names for the Ukulele Cow Series: Tiny Tim, Tiptoe, and Miss Vicki!

  9. karen said,

    TipToe!!!! Love it. Probably Timmi- I had a Tiny, once.

    Who is Miss Vicki, though?

  10. kngfish said,

    Karen, Miss Vicki was Tiny Tim’s bride…whom he married on The Tonight Show!

  11. karen said,

    Tiny had a wry face, it was crooked from forehead to nose. I used to cradle her head in my waist w/my arms around her cheeks and croon to her. She wasn’t smallish, either.

    Funny how i can see her in my mind’s eye and feel the same love. i don’t have that close of a relationship w/every animal, but the ones that are so lovable are unforgettable.

  12. kngfish said,

    Karen, I suppose that’s true for people as well! :)

  13. karen said,

    So, i cried.
    I take it that was no parody.
    They were so adorable, honestly.
    Thank you, Ron.

    Do you think all those flowers were tulips?

  14. kngfish said,

    No, that was no parody….first wedding live on National TV? I’m guessing….

  15. brunobaby said,

    Miss Vicki was only about 17 at the time, and Tiny was around 40…”So old!” I’d thought. Their marriage only lasted a couple of years. Tiny had a lot of obsessive-compulsive habits…continual washing, stuff like that. I don’t know if Miss Vicki truly knew what she was getting into, but at that time Tiny was practically minting money, so that may have had something to do with it!

  16. brunobaby said,

    Hmmm…sometimes I show up as Melinda, sometimes as brunobaby. Do I contradict myself? I am vast, I contain multitudes!

  17. karen said,

    Listening to the vows, i wondered how long this marriage would last.
    I wonder if we even know what we are saying, 2the time.
    That priest must have felt like crap when this marriage ended.

  18. brunobaby said,

    Imagine your “starter marriage” being with Tiny Tim! Where do you go next?

  19. Icepick said,

    I contain multitudes!

    Okay, calm down Leto….

    Imagine your “starter marriage” being with Tiny Tim! Where do you go next?

    Ziggy Stardust? Buster Poindexter before he was Buster Poindexter? Boy George?

  20. MamaM said,

    Here you go, Karen! 10,000 tulips! With Tobias to add to the name list

    Ten thousand tulips were imported from Holland to decorate the set. The audience of 268 was made up of family and friends. Twenty million watched the wedding. It was the second highest rated TV show of the 1960’s, second to the moon landing…. After the wedding the couple vowed to abstain from sex for 3 days in honor of an Old Testament prophet, Tobias.

    Back to “oddball or individualist” with a circle around to “what is real?

    Bizarre sexual/behavioral habits and preferences were reported after his death, but his 3rd wife, Miss Sue, held him in some form of esteem with this to say, “We had a very traditional marriage. He was the head of the household, and made the decisions. I looked up to him, as an older person, as a man. I pledged to love, honor and obey. It was OK, because I know the Bible says its supposed to be that way, and he was so wise, and so kind. Not a bully. I knew he would never oppress me, and he didn’t…

    “I think the last thing he heard was applause, his wife says.
    “The last thing he felt was my arms around him,” she adds.

  21. karen said,

    Three times the charm, eh?
    I’m glad they were happy, @ least.
    Thank you for the info, MamaM.

    Now- did he have kids? I know i could do the wiki thing, or google, but i love hearing it here… it’s story form.

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