My Beautiful Parents

May 25, 2012 at 1:43 am (By Amba)



  1. mockturtle said,

    Mazel tov to your beautiful parents on their [gasp!] 70th wedding anniversary! Beautiful still.

  2. Donna B. said,

    That is a great photo and they are very beautiful people. 70 years is… amazing! Plus I bet dinner was pretty good that night too.

  3. Richard said,

    Yes, they were and are. One of my hopes in life is to have part of what they have. Congratulations to them on their extraordinary achievement.

  4. amba12 said,

    Thank you all. I will convey.

  5. karen said,

    I know it sounds silly– and i’ve never met them, but… they still look the same. Such good genes. I see David in your dad.

    What a blessing that keeps on giving, as your family is a testament to.

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