Melancholy Christmas!

December 21, 2011 at 1:37 am (By Amba)

Mary Travers was 45 when this clip was made. How beautiful she still was! So sad how time carries it all away.  I heard this song in a church in Chapel Hill a year ago, still raw and fragile from J’s death.  Now I’m sitting here draped in cats, who look at me lovingly (or maybe forgivingly) when I sing along, surrounded by pictures of people who are gone. I myself am going, going . . . but not so fast, Louie.


  1. lh said,

    {([ xx ])}

  2. karen said,

    My husband and i went shopping today– to finish up(actually, i haven’t really started- oh well). It’s hard, w/so many animals- to get chores done and to clean up, eat breakfast and get to town to look around. I know that probably sounds weird, but our best intentions set us off to Newport at almost Noon– and i had to pick the kids up @ school for 3:45.

    So, our 1st stop was Pick&Shovel… we wandered around and i loved the socks(lambswool or hiking or whatever). Freaking almost 20$/pair!! Frig me!!

    So, after looking clueless for about 15mins and picking out much cheaper socks(heh- they come all dried up and you add them to h2o and they grow- lol- 4$/pair)i wandered into the pet shop. I saw things i had never seen- naked rats, anyone? And i fell in love and convinced Allan to buy– not those nasty naked rats– hell, no– a black&white guinea pig!!

    Her eyes are so close and she’s all nose– we named her Oreo and i am so happy. ‘Course, we had to buy the cage and food and h2obottle… we have shavings for her bedding. My husband was adamantly opposed, i think she’ll win him over.

    Truth is, we are very lost this yr, too. His Mom is pushing for reunion- which cannot happen under the circumstances, but hurts him. His brother is gone and just two days ago his 36yr old cousin was diagnosed w/… non Hodgekin’s(sp) Lymphoma. Very lg tumor near her lung causing lack of breath. Chemo now. Radiation, later.

    A guinea pig may help us, in the long run. Just to laugh at.

    I hope it doesn’t stink.

  3. karen said,

    btw– since we had the rodent, we had to go home.
    So, planning to lather, rince& repeat tomorrow.

    I 2nd Ih’s {{ xoxo }}!

  4. amba12 said,

    I don’t remember guinea pigs stinking. (Much!) They’re so soft and goofy.

    Loving the hugs, you guys. I’m kind of speechless at the moment but am really enjoying listening. Karen, are all your kids going to be home for Christmas?

    I was out on the street with a visiting friend from Baltimore the other night and we wound up belting out simple Christmas carols with a group from a community church (that’s not your little village church, that’s a Village church — stages avant-garde plays and marries all gender combinations) who were going around singing. People waved out windows, leaned on their sills and beamed. So far, the weather couldn’t be less Christmasy — it’s warm and dreary gray. But we sparked a little bit of spirit anyway.

  5. Icepick said,

    I hope it doesn’t stink.

    Not to be unkind, but reading that my first thought was, “Doesn’t she shovel cow shit every day?”

    XOXO, ladies, and manly* handshakes for any gents dropping in.

    * That is, firm, but not crushing. We’re NOT talking about Fesitvus here!

  6. karen said,

    Lol- ice!!

    Up here it’s common to ~spread shit~. That’s not shoveling, that’s loading up spreaders and then applying it to the fields. My littlest is 8, and every time we smell it while in the car, she rolls down the window, takes a big smell and says– ahhhhhhh, minty fresh! It’s so funny.

    I don’t mind the smell of cowshit, at all. I’ve even been shit on– i shit you not. Maybe it could be some form of spa treatment, someday. No, the smell is fine. In the barn. In my house, not so much. I’m not the best housekeeper– we’re(i’m)messy- but, i don’t like my clothes, house or hair to smell like barn. Barn is a mixture of smells- and it’s sour-ish. Not nice.

    Guinea pig… i’ll have to let you know.
    Damn, she’s cute.

    Yes, amba. All going to be here for Christmas:0). Zach is here now and seems to like it– two little sisters can be taxing for a college man. They are racing Xbox style(his form his Dad’s). I think his living away has helped him appreciate home, more. It’s said that that happens.

    I just wish i cheer up my husband. He’s very melancholy, for sure. Lots of work- too many thoughts for his head… time, i guess.

    Love to your family, ice.

  7. amba12 said,

    He’s had really big losses. There aren’t many that are bigger. They (as in the Bible) do say you leave your parents and cleave to your spouse and that becomes your family. But the old ties still tug. They’re connected to us even in separation. And then there are separations you can feel sad but good about, and others it’s hard to find any good in, at least short-term, and that’s A.’s kind. I think you have both been incredibly strong, considering, and that’s because of what you have between you.

  8. karen said,

    And i thank God for that which is between us.

  9. Icepick said,

    Love to your family, ice.

    And love to yours, Karen.

    Amba, I love that comment.

  10. amba12 said,

    I think you can relate. (My nephew when he was little and heard adults saying “I can relate” thought it was “Abra kinlate.” We all say that in my family, just like, for reasons obscure to me, we say “Ed Zachary” instead of “exactly.”)

  11. karen said,

    I’m stealing that last one, amba.

    Hitting the hay, folks. Love you:0).

  12. Icepick said,

    I think you can relate.

    I don’t know if I’d appreciate it as well if I wasn’t living it.

  13. mockturtle said,

    You guys are really in a shitty mood tonight! ;-)

  14. Icepick said,

    MT, you’ve got no idea.

  15. justkim said,

    If you want melancholy, I suggest listening to Peter, Paul & Mary’s “Christmas Dinner.” It’s so sad, and so beautiful. It reminds you of what Christmas should be, but too often isn’t.

    Merry Christmas and Love to All.

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