Impatient Impatiens

November 11, 2011 at 12:13 pm (By Randy)

For the past six years, I’ve planted impatiens underneath the entry archway to my house. Most of the time, they don’t turn out as well as could be. They sure made up for it this year, though!


  1. amba12 said,


  2. LouiseM said,


    1. Full of unrestrained enthusiasm or joy.
    2. Lavish; extravagant.
    3. Extreme in degree, size, or extent.
    4. Growing, producing, or produced abundantly; plentiful

    I had a similar experience with nasturtiums this year! I’ve been putting nasturtiums in the same location for the last 5 years. This year, hundreds of blooms. Jewels of red, orange and yellow that looked like handfuls of sunshine when picked. From May on, each month more and more, with October as their finest hour.

    Didn’t do anything different to the soil. In fact, last years plants were more leaf than bloom.

    Goodness that can’t be bought or made.

  3. Randy said,

    Exuberant is the perfect description, Louise! Thanks. Glad you had a banner year with your nasturtiums. Like you, I didn’t do anything different to the soil – just very glad they were so abundant this year.

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