“Fine, Except for the Paperwork.”

June 21, 2011 at 4:06 pm (By Amba)

I treasure that smart-ass answer a young woman just out of college fired back when I asked her, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, “So, how do you like adulthood?”

The occasion of my remembering it now is that I just spent 3 hours at the DMV changing my license from NC to NY.  There must have been thousands of people there, waiting for hours in lines or on benches.  Idiot me, I didn’t bring anything to read.  I’ve been complaining about not having time to read, this was my big chance to knock off War and Peace!

I did have a notebook with me, so when there were still 35 people ahead of me and desperation set in, I wrote:

There ought to be a word for the trance of bureaucratic boredom.  Stupor, really.

If we were British we could call it “queuepor.”  But we’re not.

So I began to entertain myself by thinking up words for it.


  • overwait
  • bored or line personality
  • officialdumb
  • linodopy
  • bureaudumb


  • stupofficial
  • offish
  • sopofficious

This got me through to 15 people ahead of me.  After that I was okay just staring at the board till my number came up.

Please contribute your suggestions.


  1. mockturtle said,


  2. Jason (the commenter) said,

    It’s called “a convenient time time to use my smart-phone”.

  3. amba12 said,

    Yeah, it was the first time I’ve really wanted one, I’ll tell you.

  4. Ron said,

    If you spend too long there… “rigor boredis”

    The very process… “Quepidity”

  5. Dave Schuler said,

    How about :”bureaucrazy”?

  6. amba12 said,

    :) Well, that would fit the other pole of the reaction — frustration and rage. I was working on the torpor pole.

  7. realpc said,

    We new-agers are always saying we love to meditate but we’re too busy rushing around. I can always think of something I have to do or want to do, or something I just have to think about, and the result is I completely forget meditation, which is actually my favorite “activity.”

    Think of the DMV, or any boring place you might be trapped in, as a kind of temple.

  8. wj said,

    Well, it certainly seems like an opportunity to put the forms on-line and save everybody a bit of time. Not to mention aggrivation. Or did they need you in person for something other than just filling in and returning forms?

  9. amba12 said,

    Eye test. Photo in person. Plus, stringent new ID requirements — stuff you wouldn’t want to send them through the mail, like your ORIGINAL Social Security card.

    On the bright side, I was very ready; I had anticipated every contingency (like the problem that some of my legal docs say “Ann,” some “Annie”) and was prepared with extra documents, and had downloaded and filled out all my forms in advance. And once you got to them, the people processing the paperwork knew their stuff and were efficient.

  10. LouiseM said,

    To seek new docs
    One runs the risk
    Of being
    And possibly

  11. karen said,

    Mon(ey)queue see
    Mon(ey)queue due
    We work for Obama
    He works for you!!!

  12. sippican cottage said,

    The DMV stand for Don’t Move Voluntarily

    Waiting for Go –D’oh!
    Moving through the parlimentary canal

  13. amba12 said,

    I love that last one!

  14. karen said,

    Not the ailamentalary canal??

  15. Ron said,

    “aliamentalary, My Dear Watson”, sez Sherlock Amba

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