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May 12, 2011 at 2:02 am (By Amba)

[My Amazon review:]

Anyone who thinks strong men are unemotional and invulnerable — and any young person who wants to live a life of passion and meaning rather than one of ennui, entertainment, and “whatever” — should read this book. Nathan Ligo is a throwback to the Romantics, and his story of pain, adventure, and inspiration in the service of the budo karate ideal he reveres is the absolute opposite of bored “cool.”

Full disclosure: I was this book’s editor. That means I had to read it over and over again, and I became engrossed every time, won over by the author’s uncommon honesty, willingness to expose his soul, and gifts as a stirring and sometimes hilarious storyteller.

Nathan Ligo wants to bring the budo karate ideal to American culture, even if it kills him. And in this book, as you’ll see, it nearly did, out on the edge where the best stories are won.

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  1. Salvation Rose said,

    Wow; It seems that my fears of benign neglect were somewhat overstated; I should not have wandered as I wondered so far afield: here we see what I was looking for: precisely the heart and passion I feared had been stamped out by the Circumstance that masquerades as Fate on this Isle of Man.

    I will finish this letter and send it to Sy; now I see that anything that engages you thematically is where you resound; and depth calleth unto depth:

    You have to Have it: to Hear it
    You have to Be it; to See it;

    And if you Know it:
    you’ll Shew it

    That is exactly what I now know and see; you are as committed as ever; you have indeed returned; if ever you were really away; I see now that you might have never really left the field; only sat down and had some tea and gathered a few sunsets to sustain you for the next leg of your Journey.

    And those who follow you shall indeed arrive; as well they knew who did know….

    Bless thee; for the Children of the Resurrection; the Chiild I am;
    the little one from the City of St. Francis

    To you I dedicate the song “Dream of the Dreamer” from my band this day; may you hear it: and smile

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