What Friends are For

March 17, 2011 at 12:14 am (By Randy)

A frazzled spaniel attracts the attention of a film crew shooting footage of the devastation left behind by the tsunami, leading them back to what at first appears to be its dead companion. It turns out the other dog was only injured. Both animals were later transported to safety and are receiving medical attention.


  1. Louise Mowder said,

    It’s too bad that there weren’t any living humans for the dog to stand vigil over. The first long shot of the dog and his apparently dead companion shows a human corpse stretched out on the ground to the right.

    Perhaps the reason that the spaniel doesn’t want to leave the lab is because the lab is the only other living creature in a landscape of death and destruction. Just as a small child wouldn’t want to leave a living adult when finding him- or herself in such surrounding after the terror of the earthquake and the tsunami, so this dog clings to the presence of another.

    I am in terror just looking at it … existential terror.

  2. A said,

    Yes, what friends are for.

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