Indulge an old Gamer, willya?

February 24, 2011 at 6:49 pm (By Ron)

Here we have my quickly taken video of my old Traveler role playing material….forgive the fuzzy video, I still need to tweak my camera a bit.  If I can fix it, I will repost!


  1. chickelit said,

    Interesting peek Ron. Are you by chance a game hoarder? ;)

  2. barbara (kitten) said,

    Love Traveller!!!

  3. kngfish said,

    Game hoarder? Guilty! I have a lot of oddball games….Assault on Mt. Everest, (climbing the mountain!), Escape from Colditz, Credo! ( the game of building the Nicene Creed!), Chaco! ( Bolivia vs. Peru in 1932!) Survival of the Witless ( game of acquiring tenure! The prof who made it got some attention because of it and was denied tenure partially because of it!)

    It’s my brand of nutty….

  4. karen said,

    Thank you for sharing, Ron. How cool.

    I missed out on so much because all i can remember about gaming is Life– and cutting the little pink-n-blue pin headed sticks down to be kids to fill up my car.

    1/3 of the amount?? Wow.

  5. Ron said,

    Thanks Karen! Yes, I had Life too! I loved the little cars and pegs…plus the track had hills! The plastic had a strong smell that lasted for quite a long time….good stuff!

  6. Randy said,

    *LOL* Am I out of it or what? I’ve never heard of almost all of the games you highlighted, Ron. My loss, I’m sure, as it sounds like you had great fun with them over the years. Reminded me that my brother and a bunch of friends had occasional Risk tournaments for about a decade.

    Did you ever play the Milton Bradley board games Battle Cry or Stratego?

  7. Ron said,

    Yes, Randy, I had Risk, Stratego, Battle Cry, and a Revolutionary War Ship game too….good booklets describing the events they portrayed!

  8. Phineas Fahrquar said,

    Game hoarder? Count me in. :)

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